Eric Bischoff WWE Debut: Original Broadcast with Back In Black

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here it is! The real thing! Bischoff debuts in the WWE to BACK IN BLACK.

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Here it is! The real thing!

Recently I was showing my wife some of wrestling’s greatest moments and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find the original Eric Bischoff debut segment that aired on WWE Raw back in July 2002 where he walked out to AC/DC’s Back In Black in one of the most shocking and memorable moments in wrestling history. Whew, talk about impossible. I never knew this clip was so rare.

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Ricky Harris Does Shabba Ranks – Def Comedy Jam

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ricky Harris and his infamous Shabba Ranks bit from the old school Def Comedy Jam. This is the original video just the way it aired on HBO in the early 90s.

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R.I.P. Ricky Harris πŸ™


*Language Warning

Ricky Harris and his infamous Shabba Ranks bit from the old school Def Comedy Jam.

I’ve had a few people message me over the last few months asking what happened to this video, as it used to be available on my YouTube channel. Long story short, it got blocked worldwide due to a copyright claim by Codeblack Films (Lionsgate). Truthfully, I didn’t fully understand their gripe. Not sure if they were trying to assert that Def Comedy Jam somehow infringes on Shaquille O’Neal’s All Star Comedy Jam, or if my video of Russell Simmons’ comedy show was somehow mistaken for his. But, whatever the claim, it was total bullshit Read more “Ricky Harris Does Shabba Ranks – Def Comedy Jam”

In Memory of The Ultimate Warrior

Reading Time: 4 minutes the words he spoke on national television just 24 hours prior to his death have now become ominous, fateful, and downright eerie.

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Wow. I’m just stunned.

As I sit here and reminisce, reflecting on my childhood and all the things that came full circle with Warrior this past week, I’m just floored and blown away by what has transpired.
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Hacking My Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Root, SafeStrap, Flash Recovery, Free WiFi Tether, Custom OS, Flash Player

Reading Time: 7 minutes Once you’re on MJ7 and USB debugging is enabled you’re ready to root. It’s almost laughable at how easy it is.

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The Galaxy Note 3 is here! Well, you already knew that. But, happy to say it’s in my hands now. πŸ˜€

The HTC DNA served me well over the past year, and other than one lone issue with the SIM card (which was easily corrected), I never had one problem with this phone. I upgraded solely because I felt like it. Just wanted a new device with a better camera and faster performance, and oh boy, did I ever score! The Note 3 is easily the best smartphone I have ever seen to date. This wasn’t just a modest upgrade from last year’s flagship device. It was a quantum leap. Boots up in mere seconds and never looks back. Never hangs or gets overloaded. Just an all-around badass. I won’t spend too much time going into the specs, as the link above will tell you all you need to know. For now, let’s get into what you’re here for. Let’s root this monster and remove the OTA shackles.


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Visiting Johnny Cash

Reading Time: 5 minutes check out Undertaker’s entrance in the video below. For copyright purposes, β€œAin’t No Grave” has been removed from all home releases of the show and replaced by Taker’s normal funeral theme. It’s also hard to find the original intro on YouTube outside of fan cam footage. I gotcha covered.

Reading Time: 5 minutes

On the way down to Hendersonville, Tennessee, I had plenty of time to reminisce about the past year where I had suddenly become a Johnny Cash fan.

Growing up I had heard the name uttered off and on, but I was raised in a mostly hard rock/metal household and was never exposed to his music at all until 2011. I knew the name and knew he was a major musical celebrity, but I couldn’t have named you one song or quoted one line till then.
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Hacking My HTC Droid DNA: Unlock Bootloader, Root, Flash Recovery, Install WiFi Tether, Flash Player

Reading Time: 7 minutes UPDATE July 2014! You can STILL ROOT/UNLOCK! If you’re reading this you probably have a DNA and are looking to root this badboy and take full advantage of what it has to offer. Salute! I will do an overview of the unlock/root process and also show you how to install Flash Player and WiFi Tether.

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Hello Droid DNA!

I finally have my Thunderbolt replacement!

Ah, the good ol’ T-Bolt. The out-dated dinosaur aspect didn’t bother me nearly as much as the phone being riddled with problems. Touch screen was on the fritz and most aggravating was the 4G radio having consistent connectivity issues. Didn’t seem to matter how strong my signal was, the phone often times had a mind of it’s own in terms of staying connected to the network. What made it worse was it’s inability to foul over to 3G when the 4G radio decided to tank. Basically, unless I had wifi, I’d be left with no connection until the phone randomly decided to connect to Verizon’s network again. Not fun. I researched the problem and troubleshot it to infinity. No dice. Most feel the Thunderbolt was plagued with problems the moment it launched, and several of those bugs are still rendering multiple users with unresolved issues. I decided to move on.

When the HTC One X went to AT&T and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 didn’t quite sell me, I found myself kinda stuck with the Thunderbolt. I refused to pick a device I didn’t like and sign a new contract, being forced to fall into Big V’s poverty-row tiered data plans. I had just purchased an iPad and needed a reliable device that could tether Verizon’s lightning fast 4G on demand (for free), without fear of exceeding a bandwidth cap. I had heard rumblings that HTC was working on a new, fully loaded flagship device for Verizon. Enter, Droid DNA. Purchased one outright with no contract. Still have unlimited data with Verizon. Score.

Ok, now on to the fun stuff.

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The Way Delivers — Movie Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes From the moment he finds out his son has been killed in a tragic accident in the Pyrenees while walking the Camino, to his bold decision to continue the pilgrimage in his honor, to his imminent meltdown, all the way to his epic transformation… it was like an enthralling book I just couldn’t put down.

Reading Time: 5 minutes


#1 best-selling independent film on iTunes


“The real hero of this film is the landscape itself. The El Camino de Santiago, (or St. James Way), traverses France and northern Spain, where it ends in Galicia, at a cathedral that supposedly holds the body of the Apostle James. The journey takes us through villages, cities, rural trails, and finally, to the Atlantic Ocean itself.”


“Anyone who is tired of watching the typical Hollywood blockbuster movie should see this rare gem about the power of transformation.”


“We’re all searching for something. Faith, answers, guidance, beauty, fresh air, history. We all go on journeys.”

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Some After Thoughts On The Devil Inside

Reading Time: 2 minutes the movie left me with the same feeling I have when I’m dumb enough to order a Floyd Mayweather fight: A lot of hype, build up, and a big shit-sandwich at the end

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‘Went out to see this with a couple friends last night……

I’d agree that moments of it were really well done. I thought Suzan Crowley (nice name) was fantastic and wished her character would’ve gotten more screen time. She had a very effective presence, as the entire audience’s whispers and random cluttering in the packed theater fell completely silent when she hit the screen. She had us in the palm of her hand the whole segment of her daughter, Isabella, visiting her the first time. Good stuff.



But, the movie overall felt rushed and borrowed a little too much from Paranormal Activity in terms of character development and general presentation. I know there are only so many ways to present a found-footage film, but there was definitely a PA vibe in a lot of it for me. The Blair Witch Project succeeded in making the story a real-life type place and event, whereas The Devil Inside leaves a bit to be desired. To me, it never felt like this was something that could really happen aside from Crowley being on-screen, and again, her time with us was limited.

The ending… (not really a spoiler but a definite hint of the impact it made, hit the tag if you’d like to know more).
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Random Thoughts on Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D
(aka Leatherface 3D)

Reading Time: 8 minutes the story as we now understand it picks up right where Tobe Hooper’s groundbreaking horror prodigy left off, then flashes forward 30 years where a young woman travels to Texas to collect her inheritance and eventually learns Leatherface is her cousin

Reading Time: 8 minutes


Added the new trailer as well as my thoughts on it.
Click here to skip to it if you’ve already read the post.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything horror-related. In a world full of cheap Hollywood ripoffs (often masqueraded as ‘remakes’), sissy vampires, and a never-ending assembly line of zombies galore — there hasn’t been a whole lot going on to stimulate my interest as of late. With next summer’s Prometheus being the lone beacon of intrigue in this sea of rehash and staleness for some time, I was quite surprised when I started to hear about a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre film that actually sounds interesting.

First and foremost — this film is going to be a SEQUEL, not another silly remake. And not just any sequel, but a continuation of the original movie. That alone was enough to get my attention. As I began to follow the pre-production, I was pleasantly surprised to find an exhilarating ensemble of TCM alumni involved in this project.

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(aka Leatherface 3D)”

Hacking My HTC Thunderbolt

Reading Time: 3 minutes I have to say the process for cracking HTC’s most locked-down phone to date isn’t nearly as difficult as some of the online walkthroughs may have you believe. Contrarily, the process is fairly simple when you follow directions and understand exactly what you’re dealing with.

Reading Time: 3 minutesGot the Thunderbolt this week and have been hard at work researching and familiarizing myself with unlocking and rooting. Those of you who follow my Twitter page saw that I successfully rooted a couple nights ago. And, I have to say the process for cracking HTC’s most locked-down phone to date isn’t nearly as difficult as some of the online walkthroughs may have you believe. Contrarily, the process is fairly simple when you follow directions and understand exactly what you’re dealing with. Since there is no (and likely won’t be a) one-click root method by unrevoked due to the complexity of this phone, the process is broken down into multiple steps that involve using ADB Shell.

After thoroughly reading the official guide on xda’s forum, I began with nat3mil’s youtube video, How to Root the HTC Thunderbolt, Setting up ADB – Step 1 to familiarize myself with ADB Shell and make sure I got the correct drivers for the Thunderbolt set up. The walkthrough nat3mil provides is thorough and very easy to follow. I hacked the driver file to read the Thunderbolt, and moved on to his second video, How to Root the HTC Thunderbolt – Version 2.5. In this walkthrough, nat3mil shows you step-by-step how to crack the seal on the Thunderbolt and root. As advised on xda, I decided to keep the official guide pulled up as a fail safe fallback if something explained in the video didn’t make sense or differed at all from what they recommend. I was pleasantly surprised that there was only two instances when I questioned the video.

The first was during the temp root downgrade, right around the 5:23 mark. To save time, nat3mil transitions from the SD card reading the files and jumps straight to the update complete mark where you restart the phone. What he fails to mention is that his transition skips the step of H-Boot restarting before the actual update installs, which left me wondering if I had done something wrong or if I should go ahead and reboot the phone as he advises. Thankfully, H-Boot reads the SD card a second time and THEN proceeds to install the update after which you restart the phone. I point this out because it left me a bit confused for a second. If I had gone ahead and restarted during the short interlude I might’ve bricked my phone. I’m not sure if this happens every time or if it was an incident isolated to just my experience. Either way, be advised it could happen and if so continue to wait it out until H-Boot actually tells you the update is complete and gives the option to restart. DO NOT pull your battery thinking you messed up and this will restart the process for you — BRICK.
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