Some After Thoughts On The Devil Inside

Reading Time: 2 minutes the movie left me with the same feeling I have when I’m dumb enough to order a Floyd Mayweather fight: A lot of hype, build up, and a big shit-sandwich at the end

Reading Time: 2 minutes


‘Went out to see this with a couple friends last night……

I’d agree that moments of it were really well done. I thought Suzan Crowley (nice name) was fantastic and wished her character would’ve gotten more screen time. She had a very effective presence, as the entire audience’s whispers and random cluttering in the packed theater fell completely silent when she hit the screen. She had us in the palm of her hand the whole segment of her daughter, Isabella, visiting her the first time. Good stuff.



But, the movie overall felt rushed and borrowed a little too much from Paranormal Activity in terms of character development and general presentation. I know there are only so many ways to present a found-footage film, but there was definitely a PA vibe in a lot of it for me. The Blair Witch Project succeeded in making the story a real-life type place and event, whereas The Devil Inside leaves a bit to be desired. To me, it never felt like this was something that could really happen aside from Crowley being on-screen, and again, her time with us was limited.

The ending… (not really a spoiler but a definite hint of the impact it made, hit the tag if you’d like to know more).


Right after the climax and the fade to black, you just knew something else was going to happen. When it didn’t and the audience realized the movie was over, there was a collective groan in complete unison amongst everyone in the theater (myself included). “Really, is that it???” There was even booing, and rightfully so. Personally, I thought for sure we’d see Maria (Crowley) at the very end. If even a short clip of her in her room or something. So much they could’ve done with that. *Sigh*




Eh, honestly, the movie left me with the same feeling I have when I’m dumb enough to order a Floyd Mayweather fight: A lot of hype, build up, and a big shit-sandwich at the end. At least this didn’t cost me $55.00. The Devil Inside is raking in millions. But, I have a feeling the sequel, assuming there is one, will be the box office bomb that this one should’ve been. I was in a packed room filled with what seemed like no less than a couple hundred people, and every one of them left disappointed. Not cool.

If you’re curious about seeing this movie and want my opinion — if you’re looking for a little shock and awe and a few jumps, go see it. You’ll be amused. However, if you want a great supernatural/possession movie with a compelling story that develops well and ultimately delivers, save your money. Pop in The Exorcist and see it done correctly.



6 thoughts on “Some After Thoughts On The Devil Inside”

  1. I still want to see this, despite some of the things I’ve read. Bad endings usually don’t kill the whole movie for me. Usually!

  2. I didn’t really care for it, myself. But, the whole found-footage thing has never been my first choice for entertainment.

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