Desert Eagle Mark XIX Review – .50AE

Reading Time: < 1 minute LK’s Firearm Review takes a diligent look at the mighty Desert Eagle Mark XIX in the .50 Action Express caliber followed by firing demonstration (and maybe a special “guest”).

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Enter SANDMAN! The newest addition to my family of Iron Justice.

LK’s Firearm Review takes a diligent look at the mighty Desert Eagle Mark XIX in the .50 Action Express caliber followed by firing demonstration (and maybe a special “guest”).



137 thoughts on “Desert Eagle Mark XIX Review – .50AE”

  1. LK, you make some awesome videos. I love your commentaries on Card Chronicle. Would love to see you make a Cards highlight reel (assuming we win another game, ha). I think you’d blow AnVillen out of the park, personally.

    Great review on a badass gun!

    1. I appreciate the compliments. Honestly, the thought of doing a Cards vid has crossed my mind before. But, that’s AnVillen’s thing, and I respect that. However, if we ever win another National Championship, IT’s ON!

      Glad you guys dig the video. It was a fun one to do.


      1. I can understand that. And another NC would shake this city to the core. Would love to see what you come up with should that happen.

  2. Goddamn dude. I know more about your gun ( who makes it, the origin, where it's made, how to take it apart and to hold it upside down when doing so and just how damn big a hole it's going to leave, etc.) than I ever have about any gun I've actually owned. Phuuuck that was good! Damn fine job!

  3. These guns have 1 year warranty. The Mark III Version XIX with the old
    scope type rail is old. The new MarkIII XIX has the full pic rail.

  4. Desert Eagle… good for intimidating, yet very bad for home defense (As
    you stated, it over-penetrates) What do you think is the ideal home defense
    weapon? Someone stated the Glock 19, but personally, I think if you’d want
    to avoid a firefight, you’d want something intimidating. I was thinking an
    AR-15 Pistol (Very intimidating, semi-auto, portable, and still packs a

  5. I have the 44 Mag of the Mark XiX and a video of me shooting it on my page.
    Its amazing what LITTLE recoil the feel shooting such a big bullet.

  6. If you’ve never shot a gun, I’d say no. The gun itself is a load to handle
    and the punch it packs when you fire it might be a little intimidating and
    hard to control for someone who is just starting out. Now, if you’re an
    experienced shooter and just never actually owned a firearm, things change
    a little bit. But, regardless, IMO for civilians the deagles are a pure
    novelty unless you’re a big game hunter. Complete overkill for carrying &
    not my first (or second) choice for home defense.

  7. Hey, thanks for the cool comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the video. And a
    great choice you have for home defense. To answer your question, my first
    go-to firearm for home D is the Mossberg 500 12Ga, pump-action shotgun.
    Second choice would be either my Sig Sauer P239 .40 or my Ruger GP100 .357
    magnum revolver.

  8. @LORD KAYOSS… i just bought the desert eagle with the rail that only has
    2 serrations… It’s the same dimension rail, except you are limited to
    only two scope based positions, but the one with multiple serrations you
    have room to move with your optics. As far as i know, they changed to the
    multiple serration design when it was bought by kahr arms… well when it
    went into production in america anyways… a little unsure. But mine is an
    IWI desert eagle, made in Israel. Nice vid mate.

  9. So is it it called sandman because 1 the ECW wrestler? 2. It puts things to
    sleep? Or 3. Cause its a “desert” eagle? Lol your a very lucky man ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. 2 things. 1: great vid, 2nd: If you shot that at Jason, there wouldnt be a
    head to roll of his shoulders.

  11. Wonderful video as usual ๐Ÿ™‚ but i have one question… why didnt you let the slide ride forward into battery by itself? its like you pushed it foward to chamber the round.

  12. Great question! I was actually having a little trouble with the magazine. The spring system in it was faulty, and was causing the gun to jam if the slide didn’t maintain a certain motion when charging. Ending up getting it replaced and all is well now.

  13. I just got this guy in Gold 24K for 1799 shipped. I want a snake shoulder holster for this guy so i can take it in the woods for no other reason than to say I sometimes carry my DE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I like blades more than fireweapons, but i also like guns, and that baby is just so beautiful. And defenetly i would not use it for home protection, is just to big. But man, There is so much pride of having a weapong like that one.

  15. Bro Can I ask you, on other reviews I heard its recommended you use gloves (tactical military grade) for this to protect from nerve damage. Is that true or no? I honestly no Idea if its hype or not I mean Marines and rangers wear gloves 24/7 with M4’s which don’t havea SUBSTANIAL amount of force feedback like the Mark XIX.

  16. Haven’t heard of that personally. But, I haven’t had any trouble with the Mark XIX. The S&W .500 Magnum on the other hand, I could see needing protection for that. I fired the cylinder empty on New Year’s and my hand was sore for 2 days.

    I went through a couple .50AE magazines on the day I made this video & didn’t have any problems. However, if you’re going to be firing the Desert Eagle on a regular basis, might wanna take the preemptive measure of padding your hands. Better safe than sorry.

  17. Cool Cool thanx for the info . Ive always wanted to try the S&W just havent gotten around to it ๐Ÿ™

  18. This is correct, which is why in the vid you hear me say about the 50AE, “arguably the most powerful semi-automatic handgun in the world.” The 500 magnum is a revolver.

  19. The .50 Action Express round can also have a 400 grain load, which, I believe, is the maximum weight for the round. The 400 grain rounds are available at MagTech. They’ll break your wrist, though. And also, the .500 Magnum can go much higher. Up to 700 grains.

  20. “I even consulted a couple of gun dealers, they called it a weaver rail, which is incorrect.”

    Just because someone is a gun dealer does not mean they are experts about anything, or even know anything. Whenever I speak to a dealer about this or that, I repeatedly find that I have a greater body of knowledge on most things.

  21. Like it makes a difference? I have a DE .50 and a SW .500 and my 350 grain .50AE rounds are just as powerful and devastating as my 400 grain .500s. Or maybe just open your ears and listen as nowhere in this video does Lord K say the .50 is thee most powerful handgun round, even though the .50AE is the world’s most powerful semi-auto handgun round. Do you even own either?

  22. รยฎรยฑรยฐ รยฑรลพรยฃรยขรลพรย รย says:

    I believe there was a semi automatic pistol chambered in .454 Casul

  23. I never had the urge to try out the DEagle. The gas operation didn’t really appeal to me. What really appealed to me is the S&W Model 500 in .50 S&W. damn that thing kicked hard! I bruised my wrist with 5 straight shots.

  24. Great Video. Fun and good info on the gun. I am a typical American. Powerful guns are great but more powerful is a whole lot better. Have you shot a 454 casull and how would you compare recoil on the two?

  25. Nice fucking gun brother but easy that thing can easily ripped apart a whole leg, looking at this video making me wanting one

  26. And also to your much more powerful comment, I can argue the fact that no its not. I own both of these gun’s. More powerful yes, but not greatly, like your comment suggests. A 350 or 325 grain bullet from a .50AE is around the same velocity as your 400 grain magnum 500 round as well as energy. With more rounds and same weight. Both are beautiful guns, but I get so sick of hearing this comment about the 500 and DE .50 and its normally by people who don’t own either of them.

  27. Decent review, I liked it. But you really feel you needed gloves to shoot your 500? I truthfully don’t notice to much of a difference. I have the .44 magnum upper as well and definitely serves its purpose at the range and price for the carry. Buying this gun, I started reloading my own. As far as carry? I enjoy carrying, its a great non-lethal deterrent. Why do I say non-lethal? You see it, who’s going to want to try anything? lol Its the most recognized pistol on earth. Gotta love it

  28. This gun is for people with penis under three inches. At this point there
    is no sense in having a handgun in or larger caliber than this wtf is it
    good for nothing but bragging that you have such a large gun

  29. I have a MKVII I’ve had since 1993. Mines a 44mag. It was a gift from my
    wife and my new Daughter for Fathers day. I have since added the 10″ barrel
    and Leupold 2X scope. On the 6″ barrel, I have a Bushnell Holosight 1st

  30. Just another tip to add to the rail if someone else has not already. The
    difference Mainly between the 2 (full length vs 2 slots) designated USA
    make over Israel make. On yours you should have (Desert Eagle Pistol, Made
    in USA) and something like (Magnum Research Inc. Minneapolis) some such. As
    opposed to Israel Military Industries or so on it.

  31. Decent review, i would urge you to do a little more research before
    throwing out facts on youtube. The DE was designed in Minneapolis and is a
    pretty easy fact to check on the interwebs. Hope you have married your
    fiance by now since this is a year after making this video. She’s obviously
    a keeper.

  32. Nice video. I bought the 10 inch Desert Eagle 44 magnum. I wanted to get
    the 50 ae, but my range here only allows 44 magnum and under. ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. IMI had not one contribution to the design of the desert eagle. The desert
    eagle was designed by magnum research. It started as a revolver. The first
    semi-auto desert earle was the mk vii in .357 magnum and .50ae. After
    magnum research sold very few desert eagle mk vii’s, production by IMI
    started. They produced the first mk xix(old scope rail model, the vii had
    no locking slots for a scope). In 2010 kahr arms bought out magnum research
    and boom, magnum research is prpducing the desert eagle again in the most
    badass configuration ever.

  34. This is why you use hollow points so that the round doesnt hit other people
    it just cuts in half the person that you hit. lol well no laughing but I
    wouldnt like he said use for home use.

  35. The only shot safe to not over penetrate is bird shot. Even 22lr you run
    the chance of hitting the guy behind him.

  36. The only shot safe to not over penetrate is bird shot. Even 22lr you run
    the chance of hitting the guy behind him.

  37. wow your fiancรƒยฉ is cool man!! good review (badass weapon!), liked the video
    and “mr sandman” at the end just did my day!

  38. I want a firearm like that!!! Does your fiancee have a sister? I am a nice
    guy, I’ll let her shoot it!

  39. Cool……I Just bought the 44 yesterday.Darn comnifronia roster but will
    be getting the 50 ae barrel/muzzle brake.It is a beast.Good review.

  40. An interesting note (as far as I’m aware): the original design originated
    from the U.S., in Minneapolis, MN – circa 1979. It wasn’t till a few years
    later when Israel got involved. The production version was completed and
    began shipping in 1983. Those original models are stamped, “MRI :
    Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A.” Designed by: J. Lindig, J. Skildam and H. Z.

  41. Commenting on the first part of your video where you are asking about the
    difference between the gun’s rail.

    Your gun is a 2010 or newer Mark XIX Desert Eagle, the gun you posted was a
    pre-2010 Mark XIX Desert Eagle. In 2010 Magnum Research made a few changes
    to the Desert Eagle internally and externally. Amongst those changes was
    the addition of the picatinny rail.

  42. Really a beautiful firearm! Here in California they are only allowed to
    sell the 44mag version and then you have to upgrade the mag and barrel to
    the 50AE. Gah. Can’t wait to relocate!

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