Sig Sauer P239 Review – .40S&W

Reading Time: < 1 minute All the info you need! A close, detailed look at the Sig Sauer P239 and it’s nice features.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Hello Brutus!

A close, detailed look at the Sig Sauer P239 and it’s nice features.



25 thoughts on “Sig Sauer P239 Review – .40S&W”

  1. Great video, thanks for uploading. It was very informative. You should certainly consider doing more videos like this, or doing a new show like you talked about.

  2. This P239 WILL be my next 9mm.
    I get my tax refund next week and will be heading straight to my favorite gun shop and buying one.

  3. god i want one so bad.. but in the sas gen 2 configuration. Anyone want to trade for an HK USP?

  4. Great vid. I have the same weapon and I love it. Since you have big hands like me they sell a plus 1 mag floor plate on topgunsupply. Replaces the original floor plate. Gives you more to hold on to an one more round to boot. I bought 3. They only fit the .40/.357sig mags. Well worth the coin

  5. I have a SigPro .40, Sig P239 .40, and a Beretta 92FS. The SigPro came with a .357 Sig exchange barrel but it was machined differently than the .40 and I never trusted the alternate .357 SIG barrel in my SigPro. The SigPro was also a beast of the 3 pistols in breakdown and reassembly. The P239 AND Beretta 92FS have been absolutely reliable! I have thought of a P239 in .357 SIG but have (finally?) decided I have enough weapons! I like the Corbon 115 grain +P HP for the 92FS (ordered directly fro

  6. Clearly, if you are carrying two magazines then you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing.

    J/k. Excellent piece.

  7. Assuming how much ammo you may need to defend yourself with is not calculable. Saying all you need is one mag is making an assumption that you cannot make. Nobody who has ever used force to defend themselves has never said they wished they had less ammo and a smaller weapon. Carry as much as practical.

  8. If you could have only one handgun, it should be the Sig-Sauer P-239, in .40. If you want to train with a dozen guns, there are other choices for each purpose which might be a little better than the P-239. But if you want a gun that’s very easy to conceal, and you would also like it to be excellent in every other way, there’s nothing as good as the P-239. Own some specialty guns if you wish, but your basic all-around favorite will soon prove to be the P-239.

  9. @dakersting Well said, Sir! Its been over a year since I made this video, and I own two more guns now than I did then. Carry of choice is still the Sig P239.

  10. You not only carry an extra mag just in case you need more rounds but also for certain malfunctions where you have to drop the magazine.

  11. Isn’t this too flippy in 40s&w? I had just concluded that a 229 was the 40
    winner, and 239 for 9mm.

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