Countdown to Autumn Equinox 2020

UDPATE — 9.22.20!

9.22.20 – 9:30am EDT

Feels like I just did this! Fall and winter went by way too quick this year. 🙁

It’s already March as I sit here and type, and per usual, we’ve already had our first hazy, 80-something degree day here in the Ohio Valley, reminding us that the scorching summer inferno is imminent. The peaceful atmosphere of the quiet days of winter that breeds creativity and inspiration has quickly been impounded by the wonderful sounds of spring over the past few weeks;

  • Yappy dogs barking incessantly at everything.

  • Annoying birds who plant themselves on my window sill and blare their biological playlist on repeat.

  • Hyperactive kids who feel the need to overly-exclaim every emotion.

  • Eager pyromaniacs fireworks enthusiasts who apparently can’t contain their excitement to celebrate Independence Day till July 4.

  • Retirees and their lawn mowers. Seriously…..why do you feel the need to cut your grass every two-to-three days?

  • Door-to-door assholes who speak perfect English, yet somehow fail to recognize the clearly printed signs of NO SOLICITING, NO EXCEPTIONS on every door of my home (‘just bought a paintball gun the other day……😏).

  • Sports car/pick-up truck drivers revving their inferiority complexes as they pass by while their spiritual counterparts curiously spend thousands of dollars on expensive motorcycles… only to ride them up and down residential streets all day where the posted limit is 25mph (what’s that about anyway?).

Yes, spring is here in all its glory. And normally, I’d probably enjoy it more if the region allowed for a little longevity. The mild temps make it nice to hit the hiking trail and practice photography while winter’s end brings a nice reprieve of welcomed relief to the energy bills along with the added bonus of the close of flu season (though the Coronavirus pandemic seems undeterred). As it is… there aren’t a ton of reasons to be happy about spring if you live in the Ohio Valley. Allergens re-awake quickly as the temps begin to soar and the humidity strikes with a vengeance. ‘Doesn’t take long at all for summer to crash through the doors, like that unwanted party guest you hope doesn’t show up, and send spring packing as quickly as it arrived.

As my fantasies about that beautiful, wonderfully peaceful country home inch a bit closer to reality… the countdown to the annual Autumn milestone begins. Honestly, I may not feel that level of happiness on any other day of the year, and per usual, it can’t get here soon enough.

herein a pic goes



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