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Reading Time: 10 minutes People like to post pics of their families, right? Here is my personal ode to my firearm collection. Not that it’s extremely important. But, because these guys are like my kids to a degree, they deserve the same respect and affection, heh.

Reading Time: 10 minutes

Here is a resurrected/updated blog from my old myspace page (yea, I know right). It is a write-up dedicated to what I like to call my Family of Iron Justice. It chronicles my entire firearm collection. I had originally intended to keep it updated as I add new pieces over time. But, with the fall of myspace some years ago the need to tend to the old blog disappeared pretty quickly, and some of the more memorable entries were simply forgotten about over time. But, I was recently reminded of this piece and realized I still consider it to be quite relevant, especially with all the current government gun control propaganda plaguing every electronic device with a TV or internet connection I own right now. It is such that I re-launch this piece in it’s original form as well as updating it to reflect the firearms I’ve picked up since writing it back in 2009. Hope you enjoy!

UPDATE! 3.18.2015

Just added my newest piece, Gerard (Glock 30S .45)!

People like to post pics of their families, right? Here is my personal ode to my firearm collection. Not that it’s extremely important. But, because these guys are like my kids to a degree, they deserve the same respect and affection.

But first…

I became a licensed carrier of concealed deadly weapons back in ’06. Beforehand, I was already taking personal defense extremely seriously. There’s too much crap in the news and too many examples on the streets every single day that paint a vibrant picture of just how dangerous the world (more specifically this country) can be on a daily basis. I simply cannot fathom anyone who feels like the possibilities of being kidnapped, attacked, robbed, raped, killed, and/or all of the above are not serious enough to warrant some kind of valid preemptive measure to ensure personal protection. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. However, it is my philosophy that this one common consensus of ignoring the dangers that surround a person both inside and outside their home is one of the main contributing factors to the plethora of violence, burglaries, rape, and homicide that covet the evening news on a nightly basis. Are you saying to yourself, “Whoa, this guy is PARANOID!”? Bet you $100 most of the victims in the reports would’ve had that same thought had they read this piece beforehand. Think they feel that way now? It’s easy to act like Mr./Mrs. Badass and boast about how “Oh, I’ll just beat someone’s ass if they try some shit on me.” That may work with the phony-tough badass-wannabe’s who get off on running their little snot-nosed mouths to get attention, most of whom probably haven’t physically gone one-on-one with another human being in a violent altercation more than once since 2nd grade. But, ultimately that’s just not gonna get it done against someone prepared with an actual agenda and the balls to execute it. These days, most muggers/kidnappers/burglars/rapists/murderers have evolved beyond using their bare hands and twisted facial expressions. Most of these bastards are toting knives, guns, etc and it takes more than testosterone and a filthy mouth to protect yourself, friends, and family.

So, I decided to take control of the rights and privileges I have and tied up a few loose ends in the personal defense category. I began learning about firearms, got my CCW, and started a little ‘family’ in case the need should arise to confront such danger. It’s a big responsibility with risks. But, none so detrimental as to warrant doing nothing and roaming the streets unprepared like a victim just waiting to be attacked.

I’d like to introduce my current hands of justice. Each piece is named either after a person or character I’ve been a fan of at some point, or appropriately for it’s origin or capabilities (judge as you will).


Mossberg 500 Persuader

It has been said that the scariest thing an intruder can hear is the sound of a shell being chambered into a 12 gauge pump action shotgun. Say hello to Daddy Goodnight. Named for obvious reasons.

Hello, Mr. Burglar………goodnight, goodbye. Hopefully someone can identify you.

Guard dogs have to be fed, walked, groomed, and trained. This bad-ass just needs a little oil now and then.


Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum

Emilio, named after one of my favorite actors, is a six shot double action revolver chambered in .38 Special or .357 Magnum (it fires both).

This is the first firearm I ever bought and the one I took and passed the concealed carry test with.

Originally purchased gently used. It has been cleaned and polished to perfection by yours truly. I almost hate to fire it because of it being so spotless. But, if an intruder prompted me to squeeze one off, I’d have one line for them:

“Yoo-Hoo……I’ll make ya famous…”


Beretta Tom Cat .32

Every fruitful family has a runt. At least one little one who aspires to rise up and take their piece of the pie from the big boys.

Meet Danger, named after the runt kid turned boxing hopeful in Million Dollar Baby. Definitely not the most powerful, not even close. But, extremely easy to conceal. I can almost hide it in the palm of my hand. It was the first firearm I bought with intentions of carrying, though it spent the majority of it’s time shortening the lives of pesky raccoons and possums.

Now, as it takes on more of a secondary role in attacker-defense, serving as a backup for it’s big brothers, I still have to tip my hat to it’s terrific mix of concealibility & stiff punch. There aren’t many (if any other) firearms this size that can deliver the power equal to a .380, which is basically a short-version .9mm.

Danger is that little guy who will cause all kinds of problems if you get close enough to piss him off.


Beretta 92FS .9mm

My personal favorite.
The sexiest hand gun in existence, IMO.

In 1972, Italy produced a pistol so damn good the United States Armed Forces made it their standard issue in 1985, replacing the M1911 .45 ACP.

Lorenzo here (my favorite Rob Estes character), the ‘brother’ of my former American-made M9, boasts the authenticity of coming from the genuine Beretta of Italy. If I’m armed with this bad boy, you might be carrying a .40 or .45 with a bigger punch, but chances are your mag ain’t packin’ this nest of hornets. With it’s max capacity of 16 rounds, Lorenzo will send any impending attacker fleeing for their life (and look damn good doing it).

Basically, it’s run or be sprayed.


Sig Sauer P239 .40

A lot of experts will tell you there’s not a finer hand gun right out of the box than a brand new Sig Sauer.

Brutus (aka Bruti) is a fine addition to the family. Little Danger is easy to conceal, but let’s face it, he’s not gonna hold his own against a heavily clothed attacker unless they’re right up close (which is too close and sometimes too late). But Brutus will, easily.

Easier to hide than Lorenzo, this .40 caliber thug is ready to go bang bang at a moment’s notice. No safety to remember to disengage. Reaction time is minimal. Just pull, point, BOOM.

“I’m sorry. What was your name again?”


Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50AE

Enter Sandman. Rising from the hot, hazy dust of the scorching desert comes this .50AE beast ready to make the bad guys crap right in their pants. Line up, Boys. Single-file. ‘Show ya somethin’. Gonna make all you a–holes disappear in a micro-second.

Seriously though, barring a full-fledged anarchy-driven revolution, this gun is total overkill for self-defense. Too much power. Too much liability for the shooter. One of these .50AE rounds will over-penetrate your attacker and hit innocent bystanders or damage property (or both). Aside from taking down a line of gangbangers or dropping a grizzly bear, Sandman is a recreational toy. He’s the guy I call up when I want to go out and blow some stuff up, period.


S&W .500 Magnum

Everything above, repeat (harder).

The Boss is the king of the pistol mountain. Sort of like Zeus who sits atop the world with a lightning bolt in his hand, ready to incinerate anyone foolish enough to stray outside the lines of what is acceptable.

Named after The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3, this .500 magnum is every bit indicative of the name. There isn’t another hand gun on earth that can match it’s power.


PTR-91 7.62mm

What can I say? I love sticking it to the government. All this retarded gun control crap they’re perpetuating to rally the people to support disarming themselves. Yea, GOOD IDEA!!! *SMH*

Amidst this foolishness, I was happy to use my federal tax return to snag Lucifer, a PTR-91 loaded with enough 7.62mm rounds capable of making swiss cheese out of a small army.

It was interesting shopping that day. Browsing a couple of firearm stores and witnessing the panic buyers. People who don’t know the difference between a rifle and a shotgun, literally lined up in rows, buying semi-automatic weapons and stocking up on ammunition. There was even a buying limit for ammo and magazines. I was stunned I could only purchase one hundred rounds and four extra mags. Of course this is easily remedied by simply stopping by the next store on the way home (and another). But, the experience was almost surreal. Does the government really think it can disarm the public? A lot of people seem to think so. I guess I’ll buy it when they make drugs disappear. Meanwhile, I will continue to watch with reluctant amusement as this newest trend proceeds to unravel.


FNX-45 Tactical .45 ACP

Snake is a product of FNH USA. A fully customizable semi-automatic pistol in the .45 ACP caliber. From the interchangeable backstraps, to the dual mounting bases, to the threaded muzzle, all the way to the double-stack, 15-round magazine — Snake is the ultimate combat handgun.

Named after the main character from the Metal Gear Solid series (ala Ocelot), Snake is the guy you want at the end of your arm when you’re wading through the dense jungle, infiltrating a heavily-guarded concourse, or just sitting at home watching TV waiting for the next idiot to wander up and conveniently ignore the ABSOLUTELY NO SOLICITING sign you’ve plastered to every door on your house. With it’s load-heavy max capacity of sixteen .45 rounds, Snake is basically Lorenzo on steroids.

Definitely will be adding a red dot sight. Already bought a silencer for it and applied for a class 3 weapons license (so I can actually have the silencer). Gonna deck this bad boy out.

Yea, I’m lookin’ at you.


Snake fully decked out with red dot sight, laser w/tactical light, and finally got approved for the silencer. Absolutely LOVE this gun!



Welcome, Little Mac!

Little Mac is Danger’s big brother. Smaller and lighter than Brutus, but packing a much stiffer punch in .45 ACP.

For the last year I’ve been looking to downsize my carry piece which has been Brutus, the Sig Sauer P239. Great gun, but a little bulky in my pocket. Wasn’t a problem until I started wearing my nylon sports pants all the time and when I walk, the Sig has a tendency to swing like a pendulum with the space it has within the garment. Looks a little suspicious! I had been waiting (and waiting) on Para USA’s new LDA .45 Carry to no avail. I’ve been in constant contact with Para and every time they give me a target release date for the new firearm, it always gets pushed back months. So, finally I just said “f— it”. While in my local firearm store picking up the silencer for Snake I spotted the XDA .45. Once I put it in my hand and tested it in my pocket I was sold. Trimming down the size from the Sig while adding more stopping power was too sweet to pass up.

Little Mac is obviously named after the little dude in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. Small in stature, but will absolutely flatten yo’ ass if you swing on him. Sacrificing two capacity rounds coming down from Brutus isn’t an issue. Six .45’s is more than enough to solve whatever issue society might throw at me. And of course, if it’s isn’t, I’m always packin’ a second magazine just in case. The XDS is a perfect carry piece.



Meet Gerard!

The newest edition to my Family of Iron Justice, Gerard is everything Little Mac is, only sporting a bigger magazine capable of dealing out twice the pain.

I’ve wanted to add a Glock to my collection for quite sometime. I’ve gone out shopping several times with the intention of picking up a suitable Glock carry piece. However, for whatever reason, circumstances always got in the way. Whether it was the particular piece I was looking for being out of stock, or my wandering eye spotting something a bit sexier and me changing my mind on the fly (see Snake above), for years it just wasn’t meant to be.

All that changed the day I learned about the Glock 30S.

It’s very similar to the XDS in size and delivers the same power at twice the capacity. I have the two laying side by side on my night stand and the choice of which one I’m gonna sport for the day literally comes down to what mood I wake up in. Some days I want a lighter weight in my pocket, while others I don’t mind the slightly extra bulk for more rounds. It’s really that simple. I have no particular preference between the two other than weight vs. capacity.

Have you seen my goofy ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video from last year (2014)? This was the Glock 30S’ first go-round. Have a look…

Keeping up with naming all my peacemakers, Gerard is taken from my favorite Tommy Lee Jones character, Samuel Gerard from the movie The Fugitive, one of my all-time favorite films. As a U.S. Marshall, Sam’s firearm of choice is a Glock. Looks damn good on him too.

I love my boys!

The family will continue to expand as time goes by. When the day arrives, I will update this one with any new additions.

Be safe, folks.



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