Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan Interview

This is an interview with Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan, conducted by Between The Ropes from summer 2002, right around the release of Bobby’s first book “Bobby Heenan: Wrestling’s Bad Boy Tells All”.

The folks at Between the Ropes were kind enough to email me this interview some years ago after it had been cycled off their website. I always thought the discussion was intriguing and fun to listen to. I decided to upload it so fellow wrestling fans of the good ol’ days who enjoy listening to some of our favorite personalities tell their stories could add another memorable entry to their collection.

Topics discussed:

Bobby’s current life/health
Trouble with Rick Rude
Working with Gorilla Monsoon
Favorite/least favorite wrestlers he managed
Favorite moments of his career
How he developed his managing style
Thoughts on current wrestling product & state of the business
Why he decided to write an autobiography



17 thoughts on “Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan Interview

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  2. I have the RF Shoot he did back in 2001 (or ’02), but it has been uploaded by others before and I believe it got yanked every time. It’s a great interview.

  3. ull note that bobby’s speech is somewhat slurred. this is the time where he
    was misdiagnosed as having TMJ…but later discovered it was throat cancer

  4. My favorite manager, and commentator in Wrestling history. When Bobby
    Heenan was calling a match it didn’t even matter if the match was good or
    not, it would be entertaining just because of his comments a great deal of
    the time. Bobby “The Brain” is the man, and I most definitely miss having
    him on the call in matches.

  5. What Bobby Heenan said about the insurance is spot on true. I remember
    reading an article in PWI magazine, where it said, that, Insurance
    company’s really didn’t want to insure wrestlers, cos they were to “high
    risk” in terms of injuries & such. And the company’s that employ the
    wrestlers are like Heenan said, they didn’t want to help the talent roster
    any more than they had to. The article went on to say that, sometimes if a
    wrestler can REALLY draw money for a company, if they ever are in the
    hospital, the boss would help flip the bill sometimes. But it was bullshit
    back then, on how the company’s treated the talent back in the day. They
    seem to forget, without that talent being on the roster, there’s not gonna
    be any ass’s in the seats. So yea, Heenan was 100% spot on, with what he
    said here. Things might be different today, in regards to how they use to
    be, but it should of been that way, all along, in terms of the company
    looking out for its talent. As for what Heenan said about the internet, I
    agree. Its giving pretty much all the secrets of the “trade” away to us
    fans. Myself, I could care less, how a wrestler bleeds. Or if its scripted
    or not, or if those chair shots are real or not. Who cares? Speaking for
    myself, I go to a wrestling event to be entertained, & NOT to know there
    every little secret. And for those who wanna know, become a wrestler &
    you’ll find out. But at least leave something to the fans imagination.
    Sadly, thanks to the internet, & some wrestlers with big mouths or ones who
    have either a grudge or a chip on there shoulder, we as fans, now have
    nothing left to the imagination. And once again, Heenan is 100% right on
    that. Is it any wonder, that wrestling is dead? RIP Wrestling. It was a
    great ride, while it lasted.

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