Eric Bischoff WWE Debut: Original Broadcast with Back In Black

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here it is! The real thing! Bischoff debuts in the WWE to BACK IN BLACK.

Reading Time: < 1 minute




Here it is! The real thing!

Recently I was showing my wife some of wrestling’s greatest moments and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find the original Eric Bischoff debut segment that aired on WWE Raw back in July 2002 where he walked out to AC/DC’s Back In Black in one of the most shocking and memorable moments in wrestling history. Whew, talk about impossible. I never knew this clip was so rare.

I found a few uploads across YouTube and DailyMotion, but all were the post-production version of the segment where AC/DC was replaced with the in-house “I’m Back” song. Was a funny theme and good for Eric’s character once he got rolling in his run at WWE, but the company piping it in over the original audio not only killed the special feeling Back In Black created for the moment, but most of the overdub versions also muted the commentary of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler which totally drains away the emotion and the genuine novelty we all felt when we first saw it. features a flashback video where the commentary can still be heard, but again, without Back In Black, it just isn’t the same.

I went into my VHS wrestling vault and found that I still had the recording of the original broadcast. Not sure why YouTube vehemently blocks the video just because of the AC/DC song, but just like the Ricky Harris situation, I have no such qualms about hosting a harmless segment from over 10 years ago. Anyone offended can kind of like, deal with it I guess.




4 thoughts on “Eric Bischoff WWE Debut: Original Broadcast with Back In Black”

  1. YESSSS!!!!! Finally somebody came through! You can NOT find this clip anywhere on the net, period! Thanks for the awesome upload! I didn’t think I’d ever see it again. Bad ASS!!!

    1. WWE wants you to forget they ever used this song for anything. AC/DC’s attorneys must’ve been all over it. Yw!

  2. thank goodness someone had the original laying around! I thought I was being mandella effected. It makes since because after this, the other song sounded like a discount dollar store version of AC/DC.

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