The Jim Cornette Experience

Reading Time: 3 minutes One could easily understand the apprehension a fan might feel as they cautiously approach Jim’s table at a convention. My wife wasn’t shy about letting me know she was flat out terrified to talk to him.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Finally! I’d been waiting to meet Mr. Cornette for years. Watching his legendary pro wrestling character for nearly two decades and being delighted by his equally enthralling shoot interviews in recent years, the fanboy in me was dying to come off the leash and thank James E. personally for a lifetime of fond memories. I stopped by Fandom Fest in my hometown of Louisville, KY and finally got the chance to do just that. The experience was outstanding.

It’s no secret to many that Jim Cornette is quite a polarizing figure in not only the wrestling business, but in real life as well. He is a strongly opinionated man who admittedly has some anger issues. Sometimes severe. For many fans, these are merely reasons why we love the guy and consistently tune into his podcast, appropriately titled, The Jim Cornette Experience, and seek out countless shoot videos on YouTube featuring him in full tirade. From the infamous Dairy Queen incident to his long-running feud with former colleague Vince Russo, fans of Mr. Cornette have access to a ton of piss n’ vinegar featuring their favorite loose cannon.

With this in mind, one could easily understand the apprehension a fan might feel as they cautiously approach Jim’s table at a convention. My wife wasn’t shy about letting me know she was flat out terrified to talk to him after some of the videos she’s watched with me. She didn’t want to even flirt with the possibility of engaging him and risk ruining my moment. I was a bit cautious in my own right, but also, I had a feeling things weren’t gonna be nearly as combustible as a lot of his videos and podcasts would indicate. I’ve seen Jim interact with fans before and for someone who isn’t necessarily a people person, he handles himself quite well in the presence of like-minded company. Turns out, I was absolutely right.

I walked up to Jim and introduced myself, extending my hand. Mr. Cornette was all smiles and super friendly. Despite being caught up in a rare star-struck moment, I held myself together and spoke calmly in my usual laid back demeanor. I thanked Jim for years of entertainment and fond memories, both old and new. He was very appreciative and sincere. Very outgoing with a desire to accommodate an eager fan with questions and a need to express himself. We conversed about things ranging from wrestling to our favorite burger joints. The whole time Jim was friendly and welcoming, and I never once felt rushed. He was happy to pose with me for a couple pics. One outside my Jason costume, and one in it. He even did a kill shot!


He was also generous enough to record a bumper for my website which is in rotation at the top of the page. Refresh and look for A ‘Corny’ Welcome Message!

I’ll share the raw audio with you, which is just as memorable as the edited cut….

(F-bomb warning)

Freakin’ awesome.

Throughout my many convention visits I’ve met tons of celebrities comprised of people I admire and idolize. I’ve had experiences that were good, not so great, and a few rare ones that were fantastic. Meeting Jim Cornette easily ranks in my top 3 all-time moments. He was absolutely awesome. He went above and beyond to ensure I walked away happy. My wife was shocked at how friendly and nice he was. She said to me “He’s such a sweet guy. How does he go so crazy on people?” I replied “He only does that to people who are stupid enough to piss him off.”

Thanks again, Jim! You completely exceeded my expectations and I’m happy to call myself a fan.




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