The Jim Cornette Experience

Reading Time: 3 minutes One could easily understand the apprehension a fan might feel as they cautiously approach Jim’s table at a convention. My wife wasn’t shy about letting me know she was flat out terrified to talk to him.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Finally! I’d been waiting to meet Mr. Cornette for years. Watching his legendary pro wrestling character for nearly two decades and being delighted by his equally enthralling shoot interviews in recent years, the fanboy in me was dying to come off the leash and thank James E. personally for a lifetime of fond memories. I stopped by Fandom Fest in my hometown of Louisville, KY and finally got the chance to do just that. The experience was outstanding.

It’s no secret to many that Jim Cornette is quite a polarizing figure in not only the wrestling business, but in real life as well. He is a strongly opinionated man who admittedly has some anger issues. Sometimes severe. For many fans, these are merely reasons why we love the guy and consistently tune into his podcast, appropriately titled, The Jim Cornette Experience, and seek out countless shoot videos on YouTube featuring him in full tirade. From the infamous Dairy Queen incident to his long-running feud with former colleague Vince Russo, fans of Mr. Cornette have access to a ton of piss n’ vinegar featuring their favorite loose cannon.

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