Ricky Harris Does Shabba Ranks – Def Comedy Jam

R.I.P. Ricky Harris 🙁

*Language Warning

Ricky Harris and his infamous Shabba Ranks bit from the old school Def Comedy Jam.

I’ve had a few people message me over the last few months asking what happened to this video, as it used to be available on my YouTube channel. Long story short, it got blocked worldwide due to a copyright claim by Codeblack Films (Lionsgate). Truthfully, I didn’t fully understand their gripe. Not sure if they were trying to assert that Def Comedy Jam somehow infringes on Shaquille O’Neal’s All Star Comedy Jam, or if my video of Russell Simmons’ comedy show was somehow mistaken for his. But, whatever the claim, it was total bullshit in my opinion. My video was quietly streaming on YouTube, not monetized, not harming a soul. It was simply delighting fans of the old show in giving them an enjoyable piece of nostalgia. I personally don’t see the harm in that or how anyone anywhere loses anything because of it. To my knowledge, this episode is not available on any home release or any OnDemand web service. Fans have been looking for it for years. I lucked up and found it last year on an old VHS tape while cleaning out the storage unit of my late father who was also a big fan of the show.

After YouTube removed it I kind of just let it go and moved on. But, after getting several messages about it over the course of time from people who are disappointed it got taken down I developed a bit of a chip on my shoulder. If Codeblack (or whoever) wants to complain to YouTube and get a video blocked, more power to them. That’s their choice, and apparently, their privilege. But, this ain’t YouTube. I’m the bossman here, and I say ROLL TAPE!




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