A Night to Remember 1958 vs Titanic 1997

Reading Time: 2 minutes This video covers the vast similarities between the two movies. I don’t want to point the finger at James Cameron and accuse him of copying Roy Baker’s work, but after viewing this short documentary, it becomes extremely difficult not to.

Reading Time: 2 minutes



May 2015

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Nov 2014

So after a year and a half and nearly 400,000 views Fox and Paramount suddenly decided this video was in copyright violation and YouTube, in typical fashion, quickly soiled their pants and rushed to have it taken down. This film joins the stack of several other videos of mine that have perished on YouTube for no apparent reason and rather than leave it in the proverbial media graveyard, it will stream exclusively on this site for Titanic fans to continue to enjoy, as such incessant hypocrisy and senseless censorship does not exist here. Feel free to share it and continue all your Titanic conversations (battles?) below.


This is a project I took on after recently viewing A Night to Remember for the first time. As I sat back and watched this excellent film, I took immediate notice to the giant handful of things this movie shares in common with the iconic Titanic from 1997. James Cameron’s masterpiece closely follows several scenes from the 1958 classic, so much that it seems to be a full-fledged remake at times.

This video covers the vast similarities between the two movies. I don’t want to point the finger at Cameron and accuse him of copying Roy Baker’s work, but after viewing this short documentary, it becomes extremely difficult not to.



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  1. Titanic ’97 has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Never knew it took so much from another movie though. Wow. A lot of borrowed (stolen?) stuff there.

  2. No, the skylight dome glass is not clear “see through” glass. It had frosted white coating like the inside of a lightbulb. The space between the dome and protective glass roof over it would have had lighting to help illuminate the staircase after dark. You can see it in the scene when the water breaks through the skylight – the glass that isn’t broken is white, and one of the lights behind the dome flashes off as it shorts out.

  3. “But we would like a Brandy.” That line always gets me lol bloody ship is sinking and they want a brandy. Rich people.

  4. Cameron’s “Titanic” is a fine film, but “A night to remember” is, in my humble opinion, the best Titanic movie ever made. The 1996 miniseries are great too.

  5. I’m pretty sure that was a painting on the walls that encased the dome. It was entirely decorative and wasn’t actually open on the outside, it had a room built around it.

  6. Titanic has and always will be my favorite. I have not seen A night to remember yet, and i really need to see it! I hear so many good reviews about it and i feel like its time to watch it!!!!

  7. The dome was encased in a box like structure, with clear glass on top to let light through. The dome itself was made of white glass, which let in natural light during the day & was lit up by light from the chandelier & lights hidden just outside it at night.

    …As for the clouds, in the movie… got me, dude.

  8. Well i’ll be damned, never even gave much thought to the roof of the room before. But I’m going to go with pipey61 on this one. It would be to difficult to make a mistake like that.

  9. the dome is automatically lit up, and there aren’t really clouds there, it’s only a shadow effect.

    i’m pretty sure they wouldn’t make a mistake like that, especially since we see the dome so much.

  10. JP Morgan switched the names of the Olympic and the Titanic due to damage to the Olympic that could not be repaired. He purposefully had the ship run into an ice burg for the insurance money.

  11. wait a minute, i read somewhere the titanic didn’t have the champagne bottle smashed on its hull like most other ships but yet it shows this happen in the film.

  12. Alot of these similarities come from historical accounts from survivors of the shipwreck, so you have to let things slide a bit.

    One of the things you missed here that is really cool, is that there is an actor that was in both movies that you reference. Bernard Fox played lookout Fredrick Fleet in NTR and Col. Archibald Gracie in the 97 film.

  13. You must also take into account that the original novel A Night to Remember features word for word recollections of conversations and happenings taken from 65 survivor interviews done by the author. A lot of this stuff actually happened during the disaster. Although I agree that it is 100% obvious that Cameron had inspiration from the original novel as well as the film, we can’t forget that this was a real event that actually took place. I believe that Cameron’s film tends to cloud that over.

  14. Cameron did a LOT OF COPYING!!!! Almost all the scenes involving Andrews are the SAME, noine to speak about “Ismay turning away from sinking Titanic whille sitting in Collapsible C”!!!

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  16. Just so you know.. he purchased the rights to A Night To Remember so he could use the ideas of the movie to write his. He got his inspiration from A Night To Remember. He has adamantly gave praise to that movie.

  17. That was very well put together – thank you for all your work. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – and I’m glad Mr Cameron obtained the required permission. I’m gonna have to watch A Night to Remember now.

  18. and im wondering which version they played. it would seem the protestant one from 1958 would make more sense

  19. While I love the video and think you did a fantastic job making it, a lot of what is featured here isn’t Cameron simply “lifting” scenes from ANTR. The huge majority of it is based on historical fact and they are simply both featuring it. Cameron did take some lines from earlier Titanic films (ANTR and “Titanic” (1953) particularly) to show tribute, but other than that it is simply historical fact being featured. Wonderful video, though!

  20. The difference with children is that the old man and little boy die where the little girl and Cal live!!! The old man is kindly and protective yet Cal is a selfish man who uses an innocent child to secure is exit from the disaster!!! Touché on the rest of similarities though!!! I love these movies and have never noticed this before!!!

  21. During this video I did a summery of the titanic I have seen the 1997 film and not the 1958 film because I am not a big fan of original movies oh yay that last part of the movie was just wrong but a while ago I went to the molly brown house and one the this Molly said sounded familiar from one of the tour gides I will thow u overboard

  22. My commentary goes to appreciate your keen comparison between both movies. I have seen both, but not side by side. Your point is very valid and it seems the Academy just let it slip away, far from their consideration. Both movies are fine, but the 1997 owes much to 1958 movie. By the way, your voice is great. It should have been in either movie.

  23. Its quite sad to say that I’ve never seen a night to remember until quite recently. But when Rose said ” I’ll never let go ” I believe she meant the promise, I mean she couldn’t really bring him with her. But good job comparing the scenes between both movies. :3

  24. I thought I was the only one who noticed this. It’s interesting to note that Cameron also appears to have gotten some inspiration from the A&E documentary “Titanic: Death of a Dream.”

  25. Probably due to a combination of budget constraints and lack of definitive information about the real sinking. Remember ANTR was made in 1958 and the wreck wasn’t discovered until 1985. Even adjusted for inflation, ANTR’s budget was minute compare to Titanic’s, so some corner cutting was inevitable

  26. Who the fuck are you to tell me that MY research is invalid? Prove me wrong, or shut the fuck up. I’m sick of “people” opening their mouths when they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.
    Why don’t you comment again when you have something VALID to say…. That, or you can just go fuck yourself.

  27. I’ve studied the Titanic disaster in depth since I was nine. I also looked at White Star’s accounts in the aftermath of the Titanic disaster. Did you know they were still paying off Titanic’s construction cost by the time they went bankrupt and merged with Cunard? Of course you didn’t. If it was an insurance fraud then it was the most inept insurance fraud in history.

    And implying I’m not human because I’m not taken by your nonsense? Nice.

  28. I implied nothing. You’re the one who said, “People will believe any shit they read on the internet” not me.
    I will say this: If you’ve studied the Titanic disaster “in depth since you were nine”, then you should know a whole lot more about the subject.
    I don’t care how long it took to pay for the construction. That is a different issue and not what this is about.
    Yes, in fact it WAS the biggest insurance fraud in history. That is until Larry Silverstein collected on the WTC.

  29. Open your eyes. Wake up. You are deceived by people with more money than you can imagine. When their wealth is threatened, they will do ANYTHING to keep it.You can go ahead and believe whatever you want.I don’t care.What I do care about is that the truth gets out there.THEY hide their lies right in front of your face, and you don’t have to believe it.If you simply want to debunk what I’m saying, then fine.Just keep saying I’m wrong.The ones who are awake will be able to discern the truth.

  30. If you don’t care then why are you getting so angry?

    By the way Titanic was underinsured. Most ships are, because the owners expect there will always be something to salvage in even the worst case.

    Also I love your attitude. You don’t want the truth, you want to be right about your pet theory. What sources are you getting this from? I’m pretty sure it’s “Titanic, the ship that never sank”. Or someone quoting from it.

  31. You can start here. watch?v=Vkaxu3qtShU
    You can double check their research, just like I have done.
    If you want to try to analyze me, then good luck. You will only show your true ignorance.

  32. Seen it. It’s rubbish.

    And I thought you didn’t care? Why do you keep going on about it if you don’t care?

  33. Because for someone who claims to know SO MUCH about this subject, you are spreading disinformation without providing any of YOUR sources. If your fact checking only includes watching a video and dismissing it, then you have not done any research at all.
    …”since you were nine”… what, are you ten?

  34. By the way, just before it sailed, they upped the insurance, and got paid 12 1/2 million dollars. It was originally 7 million… but hey, I’m sure that you already knew that.

  35. And debunkers like yourself don’t need to know anything about the topic. All you have to do is state that I am wrong without providing anything tangible to back up your words.

  36. There is forensic evidence that the ship on the ocean floor is not the Titanic.
    Now, why don’t you try to disprove forensic evidence?
    Oh, that’s because it is much simpler to tell me that I believe in shit.

  37. sources: “The Olympic Class Ships” by Mark Chirnside (White Star accounts, insurance and building costs), “Titanic Workshop Manual” published by Hayes (Building costs), Lloyds of London website (Titanic insurance costs). The total insurance on Titanic was £1million. The price White Star paid for her was over £1.5million (3 million for 2 ships plus unspecified additional costs). A calculator should be of great help in revealing the problem with the insurance fraud theory.

  38. Where the scene with the guy hit the iceberg ??
    Same scene, same angle (guys falls with the falls ice) for the both

    whatthemovie. com/shot/213065

    night to remember
    whatthemovie. com/shot/213066

    But the video is amazing!

  39. i love both, but A Night to Remember is probably my favorite. the acting, historical accuracy (maybe not the actual sinking, but definitely the characters and events), the drama, and the excellent miniature effects are all contributing factors.

  40. A Night to Remember all the way. It is based on the book by Walter Lord and he himself provided advice for the 1958 movie. (source Wikipedia and El Descubrimiento del Titanic by Robert D. Ballard).

  41. Are you idiotic? Did you not here the part where Rose promised Jack she will survive no matter what and she won’t die until she’s an old lady warm in her bed. Jack wanted her to live a full life. You people need to learn that god!

  42. The Olympic had an open promenade deck while the Titanic had a partially closed one… boom, theory disproven

  43. There is nothing wrong with this compilation video but most of the shots shown in both where mostly events in history but I do understand where you are coming from

  44. when she promised him she wont let go, she meant of the raft; not him because he is already dead and he told her before to not let go and give up on life
    she is not a bitch

  45. Cameron actually admits to copying the musician scene from ‘A night to remember’

    The BBC says:
    Paul Louden-Brown, from the Titanic Historical Society, worked as a consultant on James Cameron’s film. He says that the musician scene in the 1958 film A Night To Remember was so beautifully crafted that Cameron decided to repeat it in his film.

    “He told me, ‘I stole that entirely and put that into my film, because I loved it, it was such a strong part of the story.'”

  46. I will never forget the expression of the captain of the Titanic when he heard that the ship will definitely sink. THIS scene made me cry! For me “A night to remember” is the best movie about the Titanic EVER! I´ve seen it before Cameron´s “Titanic” and when I finally was in the cinema watching the 1997 movie I had the urge to leave. This story-stretching, more-than-unlikely love-story sickened me! No offend to those of you who really liked it, but for me it was just too much overdoing it!

  47. Thank you for labeling which scene was the old movie and what one was the newer movie. I would have never figured it out otherwise.

  48. Titanic wasn’t christened when she was launched, and also they’ve (A Night To Remember) used footage of RMS Aquitania instead during the departure scene at Southampton…

  49. Greetings everyone first of all I would like to thank lord Kayoss for that amazing video it’s enlightening and simply lovely , but going thorough the comment was rather disappoint cos I don’t understand why people always pick sides rather than being locical

  50. Titanic is a real historical event that will sure limit the creativity of any director who will decide to present that event in a film or drama , that’s why there are similarities cos simple you can’t ignore history when u r presenting a historical even in ma own humble opinion that both films have presented the event charmingly putting into consideration the time and the technical differences , also watching both movies will give the audience a different experiments and enjoyment

  51. Great compilation of similarities! Just thought I’d point out that it’s very often believed by the audience that Rose means that she wouldn’t physically let go of Jack, however it refers to an earlier scene in the water when Jack says “promise me that you’ll survive, that you won’t give up. no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless. Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise”. Rose replies “I’ll never let go, Jack. I’ll never let go”. This is what she means about not letting go.

  52. Let’s ask… Which film grossed $2.3 billion, sold 850 million tickets and won 11 Academy Awards & 4 Golden Globes both including Best Picture? The strength in Cameron’s comes from the devastation of the event portrayed through 2 characters that we become to love. RE the sting at the end, anyone with any intelligence is aware she means she won’t let go of her promise to live a more fulfilled life. Also, in case you didn’t know, Cameron bought the rights to A Night To Remember before he made his.

  53. Several of the scenes that are similar are what happened on the actual titanic like the woman nearly falling from the lifeboat into the water and mr Andrews telling people to get the life jackets on etc

  54. Cameron actually built a life size ship (obviously it didnt have all the interior) exactly the same size as the real titanic and a water tank big enough for it to fit it. Cameron tried to avoid using animation at much as possible.

  55. There was room for two on that raft. Considering leo being a twig, he would not have sunk if he tried to get on in a non-retarded way. Cameron was just trying to be dramatic. She is a bitch and he is an idiot.

  56. Both films are great. However, Titanic gets my vote because it had serious depth in its plot. Leo and Kate were the icing on the cake. And Leo’s acting skills are second to none. Great movie.

  57. “And Leo’s acting skills are second to none.”
    I’ll admit that De Craprio has done some good turns in other films but he was utter SHITE in this one!
    Sooofa king bad.

  58. Yes, and that fraud theory is BS. See my earlier comments to GergFrog43 as to a few of the reasons why. Also, if I was going to destroy a ship for the insurance it would be far simpler to arrange an “accident” in dock that would burn it to a gutted hulk with nobody on board. Far less damaging to my company’s reputation, no lives put at risk, and I can still sell the steel hull as scrap metal afterwards.

  59. Had he got on, the raft would’ve sunk and they both would’ve died. Remember they both tried to get on at the same time and the raft nearly tipped over?

  60. keep in mind, these movies are based on a true event, so of course some of it’s going to look plagiarized, you can only tell the story of a sinking ship so many ways before the stories seem similar, either way i’m still glad the 1997 blockbuster was made, it’s more modern

  61. I actually find it to be a good balance. I am fascinated with the story of the Titanic, and would love to see a straightforward biopic of the whole thing. However, if the whole movie was about people fighting to stay alive, dying, being saved, and the boat sinking, it would be exhausting and repetitive if it wasn’t a documentary. There is a heavy romance in the movie, but it is between the protagonists of a narrative film. Still a decent amount of drama and references to the actual sinking.

  62. Ran out of space, but I wanted to just add one more thing: If you want to see worse, search “The Legend of the Titanic” and “Titanic: A Musical Adventure”, believe me, the Titanic story can get worse!

  63. it wasnt a raft, it was a large peice of wood which would have remained floating if he tried getting on in a less retarded way. it almost tipped over because he was an idiot trying to get on.

  64. Well nice try but when we leave out Jack and Rose everything else are historical facts, and real people on that ship with their destinies. Those who survives give the reports what happens. Read little bit about Titanic, and you see for yourself. There is no other way to do it, ship sank, people die, Smith goes down with the ship, Murdoch kill himself after shooting passengers, Ismay run away in lifeboat, orchestra played until the end, Andrews said all what he said so it must be similarities.

  65. It’ll actually never be known if Murdoch really did kill himself after killing passengers or not. Some people agree that an officer did take his life but Charles Lightoller denied that it was Murdoch.

  66. Actually, both these film versions take a great percentage of their source material from Walter Lord’s classic book, “A Night to Remember.”

  67. 3:19 the worker or something both sound the same. Maybe the actor was a realative of the actor of the 1958 movie

  68. If you watch the deleted scenes, there were actually more scenes that were focused on the ship and historical events.

  69. The reason why there are so many of the same type of scenes in both movies is because those things are mostly things that actually happened!!!

  70. Damn you have excellent speaker voice! Nice! I video you make is good, but I disagree with your video, because all the sceens you show have the history fact to it. and he have to put is in. I think at A night to remember is the best Titanic movie ever because is tells more the story about the ship and its people. I not a fan of the love story but I do know that you get more people in cinema to watch a love story and the Titanic story in the second story in the movie.

  71. Couple of things to understand here please:
    1. 1958 film was more to do with the Titanic and the sinking (hence also the inclusion of the Californian perspective) where as the 1997 film was a Love Story between a rich girl & a poor guy against the BACKDROP of the greatest disaster of its time (when Titanic sank, not 1997).

  72. The sinking of an unsinkable ship as a BACKDROP does wonders to the treatment of storytelling because the class divide continues even at the time of everyone’s death and it is kind of symbolic that such a ship (ideology) has to sink but always with collateral damage.

  73. 2. As you Lord Kayoss, rightly mentioned, after one point it is kind of impossible to not make a story of Titanic without elements overlapping.

    3. As someone else, rightly mentioned, Walter Lord’s classic book, “A Night to Remember” as an inspiration to both films.

    4. I know there is a 40 year difference but the genius (and I’m not comparing, this is a mere observation, like the video itself) of Cameron’s Direction is just outstanding!

    5. Good observation Lord Kayoss… and, great voice!

  74. Personally I think the 1997 movie caught more of the real feeling of the Titanic. I mean, the ship is sinking quickly, many people can’t swim, the water is freezing, and there aren’t enough lifeboats for everyone, even when they’re full. There is a good chance you will die, and in the 1958 movie they seem like they’re going for a walk in the park and it starts raining during their picnic. in the 97 movie, people are in hysterics, screaming and crying. That seems more like what really happened.

  75. I think the adding of the Californian is very important because we now know that EVRYONE on the Titanic could have been rescued if the Californian (only about 10 miles away) came to its aid as they could SEE the Titanic in the distance. There was a made for TV movie in 1996 that dealt with it beautifully but never gets recognition. It also gave some extended scenes on the Carpathia. Oh, and to all you people who like this dudes voice…you guys should hear MINE! LOL! (seriously).

  76. Cameron’s movie was really glamorous with a (sort of corny) love story, but A Night to Remember is what I like better – it’s based off of the actual stories, the black-and-white captures the atmosphere of that night and the special effects aren’t bad at all.

  77. Many people who like Titanic 1997, Only likes it cause of Leonardo De Caprio in it and the love story rather than the Titanic. Night to Remember is far superior overall and better acting and more quality! 🙂

  78. A number of these scenes are based on historical accounts. For instance, the report Mr Andrews gave to the captain about the level of flooding is historical fact. It’s a bit unfair to accuse the 97 version of copying the 1958 version.

  79. Complete craziness! It’s like the same movie, remade. I can’t get over it. All those scenes I thought were pure genius, and it turns out they had really been thought of 40 years earlier… Geez, what a let-down.

  80. I know the 97 movie had a few historical moments shown similarly to the 58 film. I don’t mind that, but some of the other shots just seem like cop-outs. Besides that, I like the 58 movie better because it’s intense based on the severity of the sinking through factual evidence. I thought the added melodrama of the newer movie was a cheap ploy to make people sad and cry. It didn’t slow down much, it was just fast paced scenes of destruction and death.

  81. The 2012 mini series copied some of the same scenes as well. They even had some steerage passengers locked up like they Jack in the 97 movie.

  82. Read the book “A Night To Remember” by Jack Lord. The book goes into details better than a movie can & also see the original movie “A Night to Remember.” Both are excellent.

  83. TITANIC is definitely a remastered remake of the original Night To Remember, Mr cameron watched and copied but.. basically created a better more enhanced advanced modern version of the story I need to watch this old film properly

  84. Are you kidding? I think that there is no comparison between the two movies. A Night to Remember is a great dilm! I think it does a much better job portraying Victorian mores. Kenneth Moore is a very fine actor and he had done a number of nautical films that are really a pleasure to watch. My suggestion: read the Walter Lord book: A Night to Remember. It is considered a primer on the sinking and a wonderful experience reading.

  85. Then there’s the ITV version, that’s better than both of these films, where

    –Bruce Ismay encourages Capt. Smith not to speed through the ice field on
    the last night. “Let Cunard win the blue ribbon speed. White Star
    represents reliability and luxury second to none.” However, Capt. Smith
    overrides him.

    — Thomas Andrews is demoted to a bit role. However, he still informs Capt.
    Smith that the ship “can’t float” with five compartments breeched. John
    Batley, a fictional character played by Toby Jones, who asks a stewardess
    to put on her lifebelt.

    — The ship’s band plays during sinking, but they play “The Autumn Waltz”
    instead of “Near My God to thee.”

    — Molly Brown and the other females take command of their lifeboat and
    save John Batley.

  86. this is embarrassing. true that there are bound to be similarities because
    it’s a true story, but the similarities he has pointed out here are not
    things that have been written down and recorded as facts.. like the band
    playing, the engineer standing in front of the mantle piece, some of the
    dialogue and characters..

  87. I know what the Californian controversy was and why the ship didn’t come to
    help. Basically, one of the officers from the Californian was sending
    iceberg warnings to the Titanic. One of the officers on the Titanic
    responded rudely and caused the Californian to turn off its communicator.
    That’s why they weren’t getting an answer back from the only ship closest
    to it.

  88. I liked how Molly talked back to the “man in charge” of the boat in “A
    Night To Remember”. “You get fresh with me, I’ll throw you overboard!” I
    wish Molly did that in James Cameron’s film.

  89. Actually Molly Brown story and the Man who want to die in full suite story
    were true stories.We can not forget them.All these Titanic story &
    Caractors based on a true story right? We can not forget any thing about
    Titanic and her People.

  90. Many thanks for your wonderful upload comparing two magnificent films.
    Cameron acknowledged researching obsessively in the making of his film. By
    the time he did finally make “Titanic” in 1997, there were perhaps 5
    Titanic survivors left, all children at the time, compared to nearly 50
    when “A Night to Remember” was made. This included Fourth Officer Boxhall
    and author Lawrence Beesley, who were ON Titanic as adults, remembered
    clearly and consulted on the film. Most importantly, this means “A Night
    to Remember,” filmed in Britain by William MacQuitty about a British ship,
    more accurately portrayed the way the British REALLY WERE in 1912. If it
    looks far more reserved, somewhat stiff and very well mannered, that’s
    because that’s how it really was back then. By 1997, cinema and people in
    Britain and America had changed dramatically and to keep an audience’
    attention for nearly 3 hours, Cameron had to modernise the
    dialogue, manners and layout of his film to cater to the faster, younger
    and digitally-aware, special effects savvy and more brash modern
    predominantly American-targetted audience. At the time of “A Night to
    Remember” 39 years earlier, it was targeted to a predominantly British
    audience in Britain before it changed beyond all previous recognition with
    the Swinging 60s making it much more similar to America in nature. Both
    films are outstanding, but if I were to make my bet on which one was more
    accurate in terms of portraying how people behaved, I’d place all my money
    on “A Night to Remember,” as it was made closer to the time the Titanic
    sank, with surviving adults consulting on the film and made with far less
    pressure to appeal to an audience/society that has now changed beyond all

  91. thanks, i don’t usually like black n white movies but A Night To Remember
    looks like it would be as poignant and masterful as the 97’s Titanic movie
    which I never watched till like last year or something

  92. If you think these two movies are close, you should watch the Nazi Titanic
    movie, dating to 1943, also titled Titanic. Since it’s been way less seen,
    there are even more similarities to James Cameron’s film (Cameron
    definitely did his “research”), not historical facts that he was taking
    from A Night to Remember and the staging of those scenes, but actual plot
    points as well as shots. For example, the imprisoning of Jack in the under
    belly of the ship happens to the main character in the Nazi film. It’s
    definitely worth a look.

  93. At 4:35, why is the dome so light like its day time? I believe the ship is
    sinking when that scene happens, and when titanic sinks it was at night.

  94. I’d point out that it’s very often believed by the audience that Rose means
    that she wouldn’t physically let go of Jack, however it refers to an
    earlier scene in the water when Jack says “promise me that you’ll survive,
    that you won’t give up. no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless.
    Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise”. Rose replies “I’ll
    never let go, Jack. I’ll never let go”. This is what she means about not
    letting go.

  95. A Night to Remember is the best of the Titanic movies because when it was
    made, (1958), many of the Titanic survivors were still alive and were
    consulted on the screenplay.

  96. The band didn’t play Nearer My God To Thee in ANTR? That’s a historical
    inaccuracy and a missed opportunity to create an incredibly powerful scene,
    which the 1997 film does perfectly with the montage, showing just how truly
    trajic and awful the situation is for these poor souls.

  97. Both of the films are amazing. I just wish A Night to Remember was
    re-released in color which as far as I’m aware hasn’t happened yet.

  98. I thinkthiis is normal that there’re similarities bc this is the same story
    but I prefer Tianic 1997 bc the love story is awesome

  99. Thanks for posting this comparison. The 1997 film may be more spectacular
    but the 1958 depicts Edwardian society and its values in a far more
    accurate way. Officer Lightoller, who survived, was a consultant on ANTR.
    Captain Smith’s daughter visited the set of ANTR and met the actor playing
    her father. She said it was like her father was standing there before her
    again. I think the Kate-Leonardo romance in the 1997 film is a far-fetched
    distraction from a gripping story.

  100. I have to pick ANTR over TITANIC. There’s so much more content relevant to
    the actual disaster in ANTR, which understandably had to be cut from
    TITANIC to get more Leo and Winslet screen time.

  101. I am going to assume that both films relied on ANTR, the book, to inspire
    dialog and scenes. There were many scenes in TITANIC that rang true to me
    because I remembered seeing/reading them in the original ANTR book and
    film. To do anything else would be to ignore the known facts of the event.

  102. oh come on. cameron hasn’t copied anything… these are all accounts from
    the survivers…. you can’t tell them in any other way.

  103. As others pointed out in previous comments there is only one obvious way to
    tell this story its not copying anything lol….The similarities are based
    on eye witness testimonies and actual events so that’s why the certain
    scenes are similar. Minus the fact that Night To remember doesnt show the
    ship breaking apart because they couldnt be sure back in the 50’s that it
    had broken apart….

  104. The reason there are similar scenes are because they are real with real
    dialogue. Had Cameron not seen A Night to Remember there would still be
    similar scenes with exact dialogue

  105. Ok we fucking get itboth movies are the same becouse its history fuck 10
    billon pepole don’t have to say it over and over agin pepole Stfu only one
    has to say

  106. Ok pepole we fucking get it no one copy it happend in fucking history STFU
    100 pepole don’t have to say.the same fuckiblng.shit over and over agin

  107. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I read that one of the first things
    Mr. Ismay did when they got picked up was to send a wireless message to
    stop the pay of all Titanic crew who survived.

  108. Titanic is done so brilliantly by James Cameron. I love it. One of the best
    films that I have ever seen. There are however, a few scenes that I would
    have changed to make this movie darn near perfect.
    1. The lookout guys spotting the iceberg shortly after looking at Jack &
    Rose making out. They didn’t see the iceberg until it was too late because
    it was a dark moonless night, (making it hard to see far ahead) and it was
    a calm night (so there were no waves splashing off the iceberg to listen
    for) Although they do mention minues before the collision. that with the
    night being so calm, it will make it hard to see the bergs from far away.
    They were not distracted by two lovebirds making out.
    2. Murdoch did not shoot 2 people and then shoot himself. His nephew saw
    the movie and hated it for that reason and that reason only. Murdoch was a
    hero who got a lot of people on the lifeboats and stayed on the deck until
    the water washed him away. He cared more about peole getting onto the boats
    than himself getting onto the boat.
    3. I think they should have had Molly take charge and bring the boat over
    to rescue some passengers. I heard that’s what actually happened.
    Other than that, this movie does a great job of being historically
    accurate. I think it is going to very hard to remake another Titanic movie
    with how popular this one is.

  109. At the end “Still a total bitch move”

  110. I think many of the similarities are caused by eye witness reports being
    used as inspiration. For example Andrew’s “Mathematical Certainty” quote
    was noted by an eye witness. If you’ve seen the 2012 mini series Titanic,
    you’d see that it shares even more similarities with A Night to Remember
    (and to some extent the Cameron movie).

  111. considering that BOTH films are trying to be historic, doesn’t it make
    sense that there SHOULD be similarities between them. “A Night to Remember”
    is based, quite closely, on Walter Lord’s seminal book of the same name.

    Special effects aside, ANTR is the better film, IMHO…

  112. at 4.30 you can see the dome would that not be black as the ship sank at
    night ? looks like light is shining through maybe they should have filmed
    that scene at night ?

  113. Most of the this you are showing are from witnesses statements. He could
    have been a little more creative though. I will give you that. No
    disrespect intended.

  114. Actually The Night to remember movie is awesome but when the Titanic is
    sinking some people does not look scared The only thing is they lack the
    emotions.And so The new Titanic movie shows more emotions and make us feel
    what the character feels.the 1958 movie is awesome but is some kind of
    boring..My opinion..

  115. I am also a titanic fan but not as much as when I was Was a doomsday wacko
    but I’m no longer a doomsday wacko.

    Israel Rodriguez

  116. Is it possible that James Cameron included all or most of these as
    references/homages to A Night To Remember?

  117. “A Night to Remember” much more accurately portrayed the manner of
    behavior that prevailed. Cameron conceded to more modern mannerisms and

  118. Dude…whoever narrated this…you have an awesome film voice. You might
    want to look into that as a career. You seriously sound like a white Morgan

  119. Of course Titanic was based on ANTR…but can you blame Cameron? ANTR was
    the most historically accurate story of the sinking. Walter Lord based his
    book on accounts from actual people who lived through the disaster as they
    were alive at the time he wrote it (yeah he didn’t get the ship breaking in
    two part right but there were conflicting stories on that point and of
    course the wreck hadn’t yet been found.). Not to mention he also didn’t
    throw some stupid fictional romance into the mix. Cameron’s movie takes the
    action-drama award but he did have a 50 year advantage after all.

    For the record the initial script of Titanic did include scenes about the
    Californian but they were deleted for time’s sake. The movie is still 3.5+
    hours after all. I like both films but if you want the most accurate story
    of the disaster without all the fluff…go with ANTR. All in all
    though…great vid. Just don’t waste your time watching the 1954 (I think?)
    Titanic movie…total crap.

  120. I enjoyed your piece. However I must point out why these are so similar.
    They are historically accurate and are well-known vignettes (either due to
    urban legend or from actual survivor testimony). For example the shot of J.
    Bruce Ismay (the ship builder) turning away from the sinking ship as he is
    being rowed away in the lifeboat. That scene was taken from his own
    testimony and testimony of others in the boat. Hence, both films will have
    that sequence if they have done any research on his reaction. Same with the
    scene with Molly Brown–I’m sure the scene idea came from reading about
    people on the lifeboat with her. Both filmmakers used the scene because her
    actions have become urban legend–audiences might know about Unsinkable
    Molly Brown. There are several instances of this type of similarity you
    point out in this piece–another one is Mr. Andrews (ship
    architect/engineer) standing in front of the the mantle and refusing to try
    to save himself. Several witnesses said that is where they saw him
    last–alone, calm and staring into the clock on the mantle. Same with the
    band members actions–taken from survivor accounts. So, I guess I’m just
    saying I understand why they are so similar. But, I really did enjoy this.
    And, yeah, that was a bitch move at the end. 🙂

  121. Murdoch’s reaction to Ismay’s escape is more subtle in Titanic. A Night to
    Remember did it with several cuts, Titanic with just one. In both he
    hesitates, but its longer in ANTR. Also, he has a clear look of passive
    disgust he does noting about in the old film, yet in the new, there is only
    neutral surprise. I imagine ANTR is more accurate.

  122. UMMMMMMM….there are several similarities in the movies ……. BECAUSE
    …….. both movies were about the same event !

  123. Cameron’s Titanic is not a rip off. A Night To Remember is one of those
    “accurate” movies, with almost nothing fake. It doesn’t show the break up,
    sure, but it was made in 1950. Cameron wanted his movie to be somewhat
    accurate too, only a love story. So the story is correct, except the break
    up, and that Rose and Jack is fake.

  124. The 1958 movie A Night To Remember is considered to be the most
    historically correct movie about the ship’s sinking. I remember seeing A
    Night to Remember in the movies in 1958 when it was new and I’ve been
    fascinated with the ship ever since. The big error in A Night to Remember
    is the way the ship sinks. At that time, before the wreck was discovered,
    the general belief was that it sank intact despite eye witness accounts to
    the contrary. Thinking back, with what we know now, that would have been
    impossible. There’s no way the ship’s hull could stand the strain of the
    sinking and remain intact.

  125. I strongly prefer ANTR. One thing Cameron did to his credit was to bring
    images to life. When we see the ship at Cherbourg, that’s actually
    a painting by Ken Marschall. Later when Jack climbs over the rail and
    steals the coat, that boy playing with the top is from an actual picture
    taken onboard by Father Frances Browne.

  126. The 1958 movie was the best because it shows the sinking for what it was a
    sad huge tragedy, but Cameron’s film like Pearl Harbor has little to do
    with the Titanic or Pearl Harbor more important to inject fiction to get
    Leonardo and Ben Afleck into the love plot.

  127. Wow! It seems like Cameron copied everything! Did the ship sank too? Both
    of the films are inspired by historical events, ofcourse lines and shots
    look and sound the same.

  128. Of course you are going to find similarity between the two movies. A night
    to remember is based off of the book of the same name by Walter Lord. The
    book includes eye witness accounts. So I would say that up until James
    Cameron’s film in 1997, it was the most accurate account of the events that
    night on film. The only thing that was missing from A Night to Remember the
    movie was and accurate portrayal of the sinking itself. Fact is that James
    Cameron’s film portrays, “if only in broad strokes”, the ship splitting
    in half and sinking, and that makes it more accurate, even with Rose and
    Jack. Somethings that were similar,were so because the facts that are known
    about the events leading up to, and the night of the sinking are the same,
    or just because it was probably was the best way to depict and attitude or
    state a fact about that time. Like people being locked below the ship who
    were in steerage class on purpose.

  129. That scene in ANTR when the couple got crushed by the first funnel is so
    sad. Remember them? The couple who were asking Mr. Andrews how to live?
    Makes you feel like your there….

  130. Titanic is one of the best movies ever made of all time. Iconic, legendary,
    timeless and a masterpiece that will live on forever. Obviously the movies
    are going to be similar, they’re based on the same thing. As for the
    dialogue, they’re identical because its real dialogue from that night.
    Comparing these movies is beyond ridiculous. Titanic brings that other
    movie to shame. Absolutely, no question. Just stating the facts.

  131. I don’t think mr Cameron has tried to hide the fact that he has got a lot
    of ideas from the original Titanic movie.

  132. OMG, I just watched a night to remeber, and yes, the damned ship sank in
    that one too! and it even had a similar name!!

    Cameron is such a rip off merchant!

  133. 1997 Titanic is also similar cinematically to 1943 Titanic, nazi
    superproduction of III Reich, Seeing 1958 A Night to Remember,
    ultra-classic of docudrama: 1997 Titanic is not accurate to the real
    disaster now as the same Cameron admitted in his documental “Titanic the
    final word”, especially in the partition of the ship that occurred between
    the sea surface and underwater seen by few people because it happened in
    the dark, angle of inclination, etc. Not defend 1997 Titanic, it could be
    a great movie but it not was nor will be, because the deplorable conception
    and execution of the main drama. A bad and very, very false movie despite
    the intensive research and accurate art direction. Never was and never will
    be “one of the best movies ever made of all time “. 1958 A Night to
    Remember was and will be the best version of the terrible disaster named

  134. Something you have to remember and realize is that both are similar because
    they go after the actual events which occurred on the titanic. The scene of
    Andrews calculating the damage, ismay getting in the lifeboat, the funnel
    falling, Mr. Gug. saying “we are dressed in our best”, the third class, the
    detail in interior, WERE all real on the ACCTUAL titanic. Camerons is more
    accurate, in interior design (All based on Olympics interrior) and sinking
    events. Cameron has been a titanic historian for a while, and i bet he just
    wanted to make an accurate movie about titanic with all the detail
    (everything is down to the rivits accurate) he just threw two lovers into
    it to make it a hit, where NTR is based on an accurate, hit book by walter
    lord (by the same name)

  135. Just to let you guys know that if you read the book about James Cameron
    (The Futurist), cameron states clearly that he watched ANTR one day and
    with big interest in Titanic back then that he pretty much decided to
    remake ANTR and with great result in my view.

    Both films are great with their directors and production crews clearly
    taking their time to research and produce excellent films and I intend on
    owning them on Blu Ray later in year.

  136. Some of those similarities are either “well yeah” like the column 4 crash,
    from what I’ve read, many people were crushed by that, or not very close
    like at the end.

  137. it’s interesting how they finally found out what was very possible for the
    Californians crew to mis judge a lot things.

  138. A Night to remember had the benefit of having actual titanic survivors as
    advisors, both passengers and crew. It’s hard for us to imagine today but I
    believe, by all accounts that there was far more decorum displayed by the
    passengers than is shown in Titanic 1997. And Kenneth More was a naval
    commander in WW2 and had the natural bearing of man who new the sea and
    command. Lightoller ended up being sunk on various ships four times in war
    and peace – Titanic was only his first. He also made several return trips
    to Dunkirk as an old man in his private sloop to rescue men of the BEF from
    the Nazis. He was a legend. In Titanic he’s overshadowed by a couple of
    nobodies – fictional characters will little bearing on reality. I think
    Titanic does what most U.S films do – goodies and baddies.

  139. WTF people he clearly explains in the beginning that he likes the 1997
    Titanic, and that he is just sharing an observation. Everyone calm your

  140. when james cameron made titanic he got the original blueprints and the
    musical score is amazing

    1. Depends on which side of the Atlantic Ocean the tune is Nearer My God to Thee is played. In the UK (and ANTR) it is sung to to the hymn “Horbury” by John Bacchus Dykes. Outside the UK (and in Cameron’s film) it is sung to “Bethany” by Lowell Mason.

  141. a night to remember IMO, is in regards to the passengers is the more
    accurate & believable for the simple reason it was nearest in the THEN
    living memory. & the “copy” by cameron in the 90s was only accurate in the
    detection of the Titanic.

  142. Nothing can touch A NIGHT TO REMEMBER. It s the classic of classics. The
    book too was an excellent read. Cameron s Titanic was good too but the
    original movie can t be beat. For those who can, read A NIGHT TO REMEMBER.

  143. Of course there are similarities. How it is possible for them not to be if those dialogues are the real thing (what people really said in 1912 – according to survivors).
    And Cameron may have given us a fictional love story, but the details about titanic were very real. How everything looked, how the ship sank, what people said. It may not show every possible conversation, but what it shows, it tries to stay as close to reality as possible.
    I don't understand how people think that A Night To Remember is historically more accurate when the sinking of the ship (the most relevant part) is totally wrong. Even the christening of Titanic. (In reality, there was no christening at all) And there are more thing in A Night To Remember that are inaccurate.

  144. well, of course there be some similarities… those movies are based on an
    actual event and some scenes are based on witness testimony…

    A night to remember… I’ll definitely see this movie…


    ACT TOGETHER OR I WILL MESS YOU UP !!!! !!! !!!!!! !!!!! )0

  146. 9:02 I can’t remember that scene, I thought that Benjamin Guggenheim
    doesn’t in A night to remember. It from a extended version or something?

  147. In reading all the comments I have to be amused by the level of animosity
    that opinions can generate with some people. They need to get over
    themselves. While the story of the Titanic is a tragedy of epic
    proportions, the movies are just that, movies. Unlike the real characters,
    when the shooting was done, the actors went home. Now I’ll stir up the
    animosity some more. I liked both movies but as a factual representative of
    the actual sinking, other than the 30 second clip with the ship breaking in
    half based on later evidence, the 1958 movie is the hands on better movie.
    The 1997 movie is a modern day chick flick, draped in the guise of history.
    It needed to be renamed, the story of Jack and Rose (who weren’t even based
    on real characters). It’s a love fiction with some terrific special effects
    but it is NOT the story of the sinking of the titanic. They left out
    important facts (where was the California in the 1997 movie?) and even
    played fast and loose with some of the characters based on real people to
    blend it into their modern day love fiction. As I said, it’s a good movie,
    but then, so was Jurassic Park but I’m not buying any T-Rex repellant.

  148. Titanic is essentially a modern re-telling of A Night to Remember mixed
    with Romeo & Juliet. The reasons both films are similar is because that’s
    what James wanted, took from and he wanted to be as factual and respectful
    to the event as possible. It’s very impressive how he recreated the scenes
    and dialogue from A Night to Remember while weaving in the romantic story
    and suspenseful action and drama. Both films are fantastic and must-sees.
    Titanic is still my favorite film of all-time, it’s the movie that got me
    into movies.

  149. Excellent video with hard work, dedication & movie lore abounding. yes , I
    recall A Night To Remember from 1958. Way much better than the Clifton
    Webb/Barbara Stanwyck potboiler TITANIC (1953). That film was weepy &
    creepy. Thank you deeply for this fascinating comparison between 2 relevant
    films on the subject. Peace

  150. The band playing that sad music gets me every time . I saw titanic at the
    cinema and I have never seen so many people crying at a movie before. It
    was powerfully emotional.

  151. In “A Night to Remember,” a First Class steward is shown informing the
    Astors in their suite to put on their lifejackets and come to the
    upper deck. In “Titanic,” this scene is recreated nearly word-for-word,
    almost down to intonation, by the steward in Rose’s and Cal’s suite. While
    the visual framing and even positioning of the three actors in the
    suite is virtually identical, a twist is added by Cameron in that the
    steward enters just after Cal had slapped Rose.

    I always thought the actor for the steward in the Cameron homage scene
    somehow had too much winking at this inside twist, making me think
    of comedian Fred Willard.

  152. RE: Rose saying “i’ll never let go” is not about her letting go of Jack’s
    hand. its saying she will never let go of his memory and the promises they
    made together

  153. Cameron wanted to make the 1997 movie historically accurate as possible. He
    created a detailed timeline of the voyage and researched the passengers and
    crew he could muster before writing the screenplay. During filming, he
    hired an etiquette coach to intensively immerse the actors in the Edwardian
    era. The attention to detail in the 1997 film was amazing. He did create
    some fiction as Jack wouldn’t be allowed to join the 1st Class Passengers
    for dinner on the real Titanic even with Hockley’s invitation.

    A Night to Remember is also historically accurate, but the focuses on the
    facts of what happened that night. Cameron’s movie immersed the audience
    more unlike the movie adaption from Walter Lord’s book. He used a lot of
    elements from the old movie and incorporated into his as a semi-remake out
    of respect to get the facts right. The difference between A Night to
    Remember and Titanic is the latter film made audiences realize the full
    melancholic scale of the tragedy and memorialized the people who died that
    night in the final scene. Both films are excellent, but Cameron’s film gets
    the upper hand.

  154. There are deleted/shortened scenes that have even more similarities to A
    Night to Remember, such as a scene on the Californian.

  155. shouldn’t all the dialog and scenes be about the same anyway? besides the
    jack and rose crap. both movies are attempting to reenact the actual events
    of the disaster, im sure the eye witness accounts of what was done and said
    on titanic hasn’t changed that much from 1958-1997. there’s about
    5 Hitlers bunker movies and they all has pretty much the same scenes and
    story and dialog i wouldn’t say their borrowing from one another just
    telling the same story with pretty much the same script since no one wrote
    these storys they actually happened. but i do blame James Cameron for
    inserting the jack and rose crap into it

  156. when Rose said she would never let go, she was referring to the promise
    jack made her make. jack said “never let go of that promise”. so Rose was
    telling him she would never let go and would survive. if she stayed there
    with him she woulda died. plus, she only knew the guy for like 3 days.

  157. of course the films are alike,,and the story line,,its 2 movies about the
    very same thing and the very same facts,time it hit,gates been
    broken,iceberg warnings,,these are all fact’s that happened in real life so
    obviously they will be in both films if they were not they should see shit
    movies and there not,,good video but bad idea and basis

  158. I very much enjoyed that. Surprised to see so many similarities but then
    again they are both based on the same story. But again…same dialogue AND
    shots…Hmm…Still a great film though and like you said, Cameron is still
    awesome! haven’t seen “A Night To Remember” myself yet. Shall have a give
    it watch! The story/legend of Titanic is a fascinating piece of history.
    Obviously very sad due to the loss of life (don’t get me wrong) but it’s
    also a remarkable look into how life was back in those days especially in
    terms of the different social classes. Great video!

  159. Very much enjoyed your comparison of the two films, but the reason there
    are so many similarities is because spoken words and events shown in both
    is based on historical fact from testimony of Titanic survivors. Walter
    Lord interviewed many survivors still living in 1958 and James Cameron was
    true to most historical facts. In the Cameron “Titanic” I was expecting a
    very bastardized fictional film as Hollywood writers always do today, but
    was impressed that the smallest details of the ship’s construction and most
    passengers rolls in the sinking were accurate, except for Jack & Rose false
    creation. Mr Andrews standing in front of the fireplace scene in real life
    advised and gave his life vest to two newlyweds. The substitution of Jack &
    Rose was close to accurate. Mr Guggenhiem did say “we are dressed in out
    best and prepared to go down like gentlemen”. Etc, etc, etc. Both are
    excellent mostly accurate films that repeat historical fact, that’s why
    they’re the same..

  160. What really amazes me is that there were (and presumably still are a few)
    people that never realized that titanic was a real ship, and historical
    event, until well AFTER seeing Cameron’s 1997 movie.

  161. James Cameron plagiarized the 1958 film, a little, but his film is more
    realistic (I’m not talking about special effects, because it’s obvious, I
    mean the acting that feels more natural).

  162. You know there’s also a 1943 german movie “Titanic” and you’ll find a lot
    of similar scenes there too. Why? Because they are all based on various eye
    witness stories so they fucking have to be similar, you idiot.

  163. Stanley Lord was haunted by hatred until his death just because of the
    Titanic incident. After the sinking itself and the many, many trials that
    were to follow, he was no longer harassed… well, untill 1958 when A Night
    to Remember came out, picturing him as a monster.

    His lawyer and friend has kept on working to free Lord’s name from
    accusations ever since Lord died.

  164. That Cameron took a frame from a recorded history already known, and Jan
    made ​​the film and added some existing ‘snapshot’ of someone else who had
    the same job, and just put in an original story and love And all these
    overproduction compared to the existing film.
    Nothing ‘terribly’ original words.

    Perhaps the most innovative in the whole affair was the FLASH-back
    but even this I can not say for sure because I have seen so far
    (unfortunately) movie of 1958.

  165. I would think that most of the similarities you found were rather conscious
    nods to a classic Titanic film. I’m not sure if you are familiar with the
    work of Ken Marschall– as a Titanic fan I would guess yes– but similarly
    there are many shots in Cameron’s Titanic which are almost IDENTICAL to
    Marschall’s work. Being that Marschall is one of the preeminent painters of
    scenes from the Titanic, I can’t believe this was pure coincidence. I don’t
    know that you were saying this was coincidental, but it’s still worth
    pointing out (if only for the masses) that filmmakers and other artists
    frequently “borrow” from classics in the genre in order to intentionally
    pay homage to that which came before them.

    Truthfully, almost any of these examples work for illustrative purposes,
    but I like the one with Andrews standing by the clock right before the ship
    finally goes down. There are simply too many similarities in the dialogue,
    the camera work, everything, for me to believe that a director who is
    supposedly as meticulous as Cameron didn’t do so for the explicit purpose
    of, again, paying homage.

    The other, secondary issue here is that some of the lines which are the
    same from actual, historical characters might be what was actually said (or
    remembered to be said) on the ship. Obviously the history is a bit spotty,
    and (for example) many of those privy to the conversation with Andrews
    after the hit went down with the ship…. not Ismay, though. My point is, I
    would guess that at least a couple of the scenes where the dialogue *coming
    from a historical character’s mouth* is the same may be because both
    directors used historically accurate dialogue.

  166. Well its just matter of time. 50 years from now, someone else will try to
    recreate titanic, just to keep that tragic event and the iconic ship alive
    in memories. I think people should realize it and respect both the movies
    equally. Both of them are masterpieces of their time.

  167. Of course the two are similar .. cause that’s the story. Some of the scenes
    are the same cause that’s what really happened, some of the lines had to be
    the same cause that’s what the passengers and crew have said. Mr.Andrews
    was last seen looking at a painting, that’s what they think Mr.Guggenheim
    had said, and even the band or the scene with Mr.Ismay.. Cause that’s what
    he did and Molly brown.. why do you think they call her “The unsinkable
    Molly Brown? They had to be somewhat accurate…They were remaking history.
    They both have built the movies around the survivors stories, and about
    what have been told. They both are amazing cause they gave us in film what
    have happened that night .

  168. “A Night To Remember” is an amazing movie, and impressively done for the
    time period it was produced in. However, even though it was more factual
    than Camerons film, the ’97 movie had a more emotional punch. And Cameron
    wrote Jack and Rose for the audience so we could have a first hand
    experience of the tragedy through those two characters. I guess if I had to
    choose which is better (A very hard decision) I would go for Camerons film.
    The acting, music score, cinematography, and just the very spectacle of the
    film was perfect.

  169. Rose is a BITCH

    There was more room on that door

    Jack could of lived a perfectly good life with out her

  170. The only real problem that I have with the 1997 film, at least with what I
    can think of for the moment, is the scene with Molly Brown and Quatermaster
    Hitchens. Because in real life, Brown did threaten to throw Hitchens
    overboard, but this was after the Carpathia was sighted.

    Brown and the rest of Lifeboat 6’s occupants had to deal with Hitchens (who
    was at the wheel when the Titanic hit the iceberg) the whole night, but
    after Hitchens said that the Carpathia was not arriving to rescue survivors
    but rather to pick up dead bodies, that’s when Brown finally lost it and
    threatened Hitchens.

  171. Curious, very curious. I’m slightly ashamed to say I haven’t seen “A Night
    to Remember” yet-but the ’97 movie is probably my favorite movie. A little
    melodramatic…uh to say the least but that’s to be expected with it’s film
    topic. There writing in a few place is a little awkward looking back “I saw
    the iceberg, and now I see it in your eyes”… but god dammit I love it!
    And FYI I actually think the ending was appropriate and Rose’s journey
    wouldn’t have the same meaning and power.

  172. heyy who`s agree with me?
    Mr Andrew`s face in the 1958 version (8:45) similar to WWE Owner Vince
    McMahon when despearte hahahaha

  173. I find Cameron’s film quite extraordinary. You can’t change facts but
    incorporating scene for scene, the script almost verbatim fro the 1958
    version?! Totally extraordinary, unoriginal, and almost unforgivable – as
    was using the wrong tune for the hymn. As for the acting. Cameron made
    his film for American(ised) audiences, who could not have understood the
    British class system whereas the British would immediately relate. The
    acting in the 1997 version is out of character and unrealistic. Yuk. But
    it’s the near plagiarism which really grates. Perhaps Cameron’s not as
    good as he likes to think …..

  174. I had seen and enjoyed A Night To Remember years before the Cameron work,
    and of course noticed the similarities. But the one I most enjoyed was the
    Hartley “We’ve done our duty, boys” scene– in the Cameron film, as soon as
    they walk off and Hartley starts to play, I kept thinking, “Oh no– please
    don’t tell me the bass player is going to start singing!” (The difference
    between the films being that ANTR used Horbury and Titanic used Bethany;
    they may both have gotten it wrong, as it may have in fact been Propior
    Deo, whose melody resembles Bethany more than it does Horbury.)

  175. There are a lot of same scenes because they were based on witness stories.
    I think the 1958 A night to remember film is much more truthful because a
    lot of Titanic survivors were alive back than.

  176. A lot of the similar dialogues are based on witnessed accounts of
    survivors. Before Walter Lord wrote his book he spoke to numerous

  177. I love both movies, they’re so amazing. Pretty much all movies about
    Titanic are great. As far as I’m concerned, James Cameron’s will always be
    my favorite. I think his movie is very accurate. Both movies are
    masterpieces of their times. I watched A Night To Remember and I just
    didn’t feel the emotional level I feel when I watch Titanic.

  178. Did you know there’s an actor who appeared in both movies? Bernard Fox
    played lookout Frederick Fleet in A Night To Remember, and then went on the
    play Sir Archibald Gracie in Titanic.

  179. I really enjoyed this comparison i like all Titanic movies and am a huge
    fan my favorite movie Nearer My God To Thee scene always brings a tear to
    my eye.

  180. 2:06 slight historic error. White Star Ships were never christened. in both
    movies they have the same error. When they want to try to avoid the iceberg
    the officer says “Hard to Starboard”, that’s a problem. putting the engines
    in full reverse then putting the rudder hard starboard would have turned
    the ship to the right not to the left. Basically turned right into the

  181. when captain smith see’s the bow flooding it’s almost exactly the same
    except in 1958 captain smith goes to his captain room and in 1997 he dosent
    really do anything

  182. 4:48 horrible acting
    8:15 horrible acting (both the boy and man)
    10:34 HORRIBLE acting(the man) he looks like he’s been tranqualized.

  183. Like every great artist, Jim Cameron stole the basic stuff, developed it
    creatively and made something totally his own out of it. 🙂

  184. C’mon now what do we have a bunch of James Cameron paid for trolls posting
    this apologist crap!. Cameron obviously borrowed from (Stole) the creative
    work of the 1958 film. Whether this was done out of sheer lack of
    creativity on the part of his writing staff or it’s just easier and cheaper
    to steal others creativity, it’s undeniably clear that he borrowed from the
    original film. I’m looking forward to seeing the 1958 film (Just ordered
    the special edition), as I want to see if it goes more into the first class
    passengers (Astor, Guggenheim, Strauss) as well as the Californian and why
    it didn’t respond to Titanic’s distress calls. Cameron’s film spends too
    much too time on the romantic sub-plot and not nearly enough time on the
    mentioned first class passengers who were the “Titans” of New York (John
    Jacob Astor was the wealthiest man in America)

  185. I have to disagree with you saying that Cameron took some assets from A
    Night to Remember. Most of the similarities you found were actual events
    that took place during the actual sinking of the Titanic, for example,
    Thomas Andrews going down with the ship, the smoke stack falling over, etc.
    Sure, they might be in similar styles or usage of quotes, but both Cameron
    and the director of A Night to Remember were just trying to replicate the
    real disaster as much as they could.

  186. This may sound very vague but your voice sounds like the giant talking
    cookie from an episode of Spongebob.

  187. A lot of the similarities between the films are from historical accounts.
    Ismay did get in the boat just as they were lowering it. The band did play
    Nearer, My God, to Thee. Mr. Guggenheim did deny the life vest. It’s not
    that Cameron was stealing from A Night to Remember, they just both had the
    same source material.

  188. Rose: “I’ll never let go.”
    Voiceover: Still a total bitch move.

    If you were all SMART, you would know that she meant that she would never
    let go of her promise to survive the cold water, live her life, and grow
    old while watching her children grow, you idiots. Even if she brought
    Jack’s body with her, it wouldn’t make a difference, because he’s already

  189. Wow!!!!!!!!!! That Was Truly Amazing!!!!!!! Most Awesome Vid!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Awesome Footage Form Both Movies!!!!!!!!!!


  191. I hate you because of the last sentence! When she said she will never let
    go, she meant the promise, and not Jack’s body! You are an IDIOT!

  192. I feel like Titanic (1997) has much better actors. You can feel the
    emotions and the feelings those people had but in The Night To Remember I
    just can’t sense them.

  193. ANTR fails- or, more accurately, pales – in terms of special effects.
    Though its effects are still pretty good, Titanic’s are spectacular. But
    ANTR does all the emotional scenes just so much better, especially the
    scene where Ismay gets into a boat and Mr. Andrew’s last scene in the
    lounge. I never understood why Cameron thought that a fictional, corny and
    indeed poorly scripted love story was needed to heighten the drama of the
    sinking: it’s all there already, and there’s too much to choose from.
    I also disliked the way he had to insert Rose and Jack into so many of the
    notable events that night. Rose and Jack made lurve in the famous
    Renault in the cargo hold; they were there, below the waterline, when the
    berg sliced through; it was Rose who Ismay tells about the ship not needing
    lifeboats; it was Rose who asks Andrews for the truth after the collision;
    it was Rose who last sees Andrews and tells him to try for it. It is all so
    painfully contrived and implausible. ANTR handled it so much better,
    telling the story through a variety of real (and composite) passengers. The
    ship was the star and the real drama the story.

  194. When she meant she’ll never let go, she meant she’ll never let go of all
    the promises that Jack told her.

  195. Of course you FAIL TO MENTION about “A Night To Remember” (1958): that many
    actual FILM CLIPS and SEQUENCES were directly STOLEN from the Nazi
    Germany Propaganda Film, “Titanic” (1943).

    The film, “A Night To Remember”, was actual plagiarism.

  196. And where the two films don’t follow each other there are mistakes. Thus
    (in NtR) the White Star Line did not break champagne bottles on the hull in
    celebration. Much of the footage showing the Titanic setting sail is in
    fact the Lusitania, the Olympic and the Aquitania. It’s not true the
    Californian was carrying passengers on that voyage and Captain Stanley Lord
    slept on the chartroom settee and not in bed as shown (NtR again). Wisely,
    Cameron left out a lot of mistakes made in the earlier movie and, of
    course, showed the Titanic breaking up on the surface which was not
    generally accepted in the 1950s. But the real difference be tween the two
    movies is that NtR is a documentary whereas Titanic is really sex in the
    North Atlantic.

  197. I haven’t seen this movie yet. But it would be one of the most historically
    accurate as the producer was 7 at the time Titanic was launched and there
    was a lot more survivors back then for input. One thing was mentioned at
    the end in this movie the Titanic goes down as one piece which it did not.
    But back in the 50s the believe was it had. It was only in 1984 when robert
    ballard found it they realised it had split in 2. Look forward to seeing
    the movie and good work on the comparison.

  198. You know the titanic is based on a real story right? The characters in the
    films such as the captain, ismay, mr Andrews, molly brown etc. We’re real
    people. Aside from the Jack and Rose story, if you watch the movie they’re
    simply explaining how luxurious the ship is in their conversation, they
    explain how they want to make news headlines by speeding up, and explain
    all of the other REAL events that took place during that time… So James
    Cameron didn’t copy off of a night to remember.. They have the same sources
    of what really happened in 1912 when the titanic sank… I don’t see why
    james Cameron would’ve changed anything else because it’s what really
    happened or as close to it as we know…. What made it different was the
    Jack and Rose characters really.. Even the 1996 movie with Catherine Zeta
    Jones was similar in all the events that took place. I honestly would’ve
    liked to see more of what happened in the carpathia with Rose. In the movie
    Rose is a first class girl who experienced and witnessed the captains
    conversations, what lead to the ship sinking, what happened in the lower
    decks, what was going on in the ship , etc

  199. And when she said she’ll never let go she was Talking about the promise she
    made to him. She promised she’d survive this, go on, enjoy life and live it
    the way SHE wants instead of being depressed and suicidal like she was in
    the beginning for feeling trapped, have lots of babies and die an old woman
    warm in her bed.

  200. I always felt that Cameron’s film was a “remake”. Just fancier special
    effects. I love both movies.

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