LK Vinyard?

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I always wondered who this “American History X Guy” that I supposedly “looked like” was before I ever saw the movie. Back when I sported a shaved head and a goatee (before the full beard era) I used to get that all the time. One day I got curious and watched the movie. “Ah, I see,” I mumbled to myself. “I guess I do resemble him a little.”

Just shaved the beard off for the first time in more than four years (I shave my head practically once every two or three weeks) and immediately the comments returned after all that time.

yea, this yea, this too

Looking at the two pics side-by-side, one can see we’re definitely not brothers. But, I suppose I can see the similarities and why I’d remind American History X fans of Derek Vinyard, (aka Ed Norton) although I’ve never forced anyone to “bite the curb”.

Btw, the movie was quite good. Couldn’t help but wonder if Derek would revert to his old ways had the movie gone on longer or if there’d been a sequel.



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