So, you’re GOING to leave a tip, right? (WTF!?)

The SHOOT OF THE WEEK returns as I get in front of the camera for a little rant about an incident I experienced today where a CASHIER at Roosters restaurant basically demanded a tip from me when I showed up to carry out some food.



13 thoughts on “LK SHOOT EPISODE 68

  1. Totally agreed! Tipping is for service rendered, if you felt it deserved a little extra gratuity. NOT just because! I generally will tip if I felt the service was good, but NOT just if someone handed my food to me or took my cash to complete a transaction.There are assoles out there who think they automatically deserve more of our money just because they work somewhere, Screw that! Tips should be EARNED, not expected. LOL’ed at your comment tipping a buck for the big titties and a cheap thrill!

  2. AWESOME!!! Always love it when the Shoot returns. Pops right up outta nowhere. Very good point about the stupid people always wanting tips. I agree. It’s ludicrous.

  3. I absolutely agree! Some people are cheap, and they expect customers to shell out extra money just because it is convenient for them to write it on a receipt. Asswipes!

  4. Been a while since we’ve seen a Shoot. I agree with what you have to say here. No one should ever ask for a tip, period. And they shouldn’t quietly expect one unless they are performing a common job that is deserving.

  5. exactly. i think people seem to forget…tips are not mandatory. they are EARNED. i have no problem with tipping,but if the food was bad or the server was rude as shit,I’m not tipping shit. case closed lol.

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