How LeBron James deals with FAIL

“At the end of the day, all of the people that were rooting for me to fail, tomorrow they’ll have to wake up and have the same life that [they had] before they woke up today. They got the same personal problems they had today and I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things I want to do.”

-LeBron James

Really? This is how you deal with fail???? After you sold your soul and whored out Cleveland, somehow blaming them because YOU were not good enough to win a championship? Dragging on The Decision like a Brett Favre Summer Special (still love ya, Brett). Taking your drama to South Beach to form a super group at Miami and hyping yourselves out of the park.

Anything less than a championship = fail? Hey, you said it.

For a guy who makes the ball boy scrape his clothes off the floor instead of politely handing them to him as he reaches; for a guy who makes fun of another professional athlete after he had the guts to play with a 100+ degree temperature; for a guy who insults the entire working class of America because they couldn’t help but laugh when he FAILED once again after this side show carnival….

Yea, we wake up the way we were the day before. We go to work, punch the clock, and deal with our lives. You go out and probably blow $10,000 twice a day, just because you can. You have millions, we don’t. Yep — we’re us and you’re you.

And we have the same number of rings.




2 thoughts on “How LeBron James deals with FAIL

  1. I don’t follow pro sports, but that was a BURN! This Lebron jackoff needs his nuts kicked a few times.

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