LK Appears in YouShoot HTM2

Reading Time: < 1 minute With the recent release of YouShoot HTM2 by Kayfabe Commentaries, I’d like to share a clip of the video where I appear alongside my good friend Chia, as we pay tribute to the Honky Tonk Man: The Greatest WWE Intercontinental Champion of All Time and ask him about fellow legend, The Undertaker.

Reading Time: < 1 minute


With the recent release of YouShoot HTM2 by Kayfabe Commentaries, I’d like to share a clip of the video where I appear alongside my good friend Chia, as we pay tribute to the Honky Tonk Man: The Greatest WWE Intercontinental Champion of All Time and ask him about fellow legend, The Undertaker.


This is the longer version of the video you see in the official release. Our childhood memories come alive as we let loose and have a little fun with Hogan, Flair, and TNA (Impact).


Official Trailer 1

Official Trailer 2

Official Trailer 3

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92 thoughts on “LK Appears in YouShoot HTM2”

  1. Wow, that is great! You’re on the cover of a DVD! You guys are hilarious too lol. I love both videos.

  2. I remember the Honky Tonk Man. Hated him when I was a kid! Nice to see he’s a down to earth kind of guy though. Very cool segment and even cooler you guys made the DVD/cover.

  3. As if it wasn’t known already how much respect & how looked up 2 UT is,
    HTM’s words are just more proof. And those guys who asked the Q got it
    right. I also haven’t heard any1 say 1 bad thing about UT including Warrior
    as they mentioned. That’s y I love hearin ppl talk about him. They always
    say good things about him. Sting too. Those r the only 2 guys I know if
    that r so well respected in/out of the industry & that’s y I respect & am
    fans of them & their in ring skills. They’re my 2 favorites!

  4. @thetakeris4ever Ive looked everywhere to see if anyone in the business
    said anything bad about him and it’s soo true that nobody had nothing bad
    to say about him. Everything was good about him and that he is a true
    general and mentor in the locker room. I really wish they do a complete
    Undertaker Bio, not just matches. I would really like to know who trained
    him and how he dealt with backstage politics.

  5. @2010thekingofkings: he was trained by Don Jardine also known as the masked
    man, The Spoiler, who taught him the awe inspiring, awesome, unique rope
    walk. Amazing he’s been able & is still able to do that. They’ve done
    somewhat of a complete bio in that UT Special Mag in 2003 which u can get
    off ebay. I personally would rather read an autobio & see a complete career
    documentary AFTER he’s in HOF so he can comment on what being inducted
    meant 2 him. If it’ll be done, it’s likely not 2 b b4 then

  6. @frythedeliveryguy The thang is this bruh. There’s nothing bad the Honky
    Tonk Man can say about the Undertaker, because Honky wasn’t a complete
    wrestler. He was a showman. What you got from the Honky Tonk Man was this.
    Part showman, part wrestler. Honky Tonk Man had a basic grasp of how to
    execute moves inside the squared circle, but he had great crowd psychology
    so it was all G to the double od good.

  7. @frythedeliveryguy The Undertaker stepped his game up. He evolved over the
    years as a wrestler. Honky never stepped his game up. He wrestled the same
    style for several years, for Honky can’t say anything bad about Taker.

  8. I haven’t either there are only four people in the wrestling industry that
    I have yet heard a bad thing said about them and one of them is Undertaker.
    The other three are Sting, Owen Hart and Molly Holly.

  9. [continued] I think the Man said, Taker DID acknowledge him w/ a simple
    ‘Hey’, but that was it. But yeah, other than that, I’ve never really heard
    anyone say anything bad about Taker. Love the guy for that πŸ™‚

  10. I remember that video. It was Doug Gilbert on an RF Shoot from a couple
    years ago. The video doesn’t seem to be on YouTube anymore. But, you are
    correct. He dissed Taker for not being more courteous to him after
    supposedly letting UT ride with him in the early days. Gilbert, who I think
    was gonna be in the Royal Rumble that night, showed up the venue late and
    approached Undertaker in the locker room where he got the cold “hey” when
    he greeted him. My take on it was…(continued)

  11. Undetaker is the most respected wrestler, of alltime. Everyone behind the
    scenes only has great things to say about his talent and him as a person.
    He’s a legend

  12. Lol Sounds like a bit of an ingrate. The guy you were talking about, not
    Mark Calloway (or is that Callway?) He either didn’t see him or didn’t
    recognise him, But then you have to ask yourself where he saw him? Was it
    out in public or a wrestling event? Because if it was an event he may have
    been spending that much time acknowledging the fans who had gone to see
    him. And It’s not always easy to do so to everybody that goes along.

  13. i stop breathing for a moment when i heard HTM said “I was doing a nude oil

  14. I’ve heard a ton of people talk shit about HTM, but he is very funny & knows a lot of stories.

  15. your right for the most part but goldberg did. He had a lot of heat from guys in the back and got into a fight with jericho where he got his ass kicked

  16. Goddamn, he didn’t start talking about Undertaker till there was under a minute left.

  17. Goldberg is a bitch though, he was handed everything but never seemed to have an appreciation for it.

  18. doug furnace is the only guy to shoot on taker negatively which was obviously just a bitch move of “you got more money then me “

  19. About Austin; he made his co workers a shit ton of money so I doubt they’d have a bad thing to say about him haha but the great thing about him was that even though he was the hottest thing in pro wrestling he still made everyone he faced look good. Not many top guys have done that. Austin would go that extra mile and do little things to put his opponents over but still come out as THE guy in the end.

  20. This guy is the most stupidest, overrated envious piece of shit that Ive ever seen. this has got to be the first time ive ever seen him talk good about a legend. the way he spoke about bret and shawn and how he brought up brets stroke was unbelievable. this guy just needs to die

  21. If they did I woudn’t believe it.
    A lot of these wrestlers like Shawn Michaels need their asses busted to keep them in line.

  22. Yep, he doesn’t favor Lawler because of that however, he badmouths him just like everyone else.

  23. He only badmouths those who badmouthed him first, or who deserve it.
    Bret DID claim that HTM hit too soft in the ring, and he liked to hit others hard; and that attitude ended up causing him brain-damage.
    Same with Jake Roberts slandering him about the guitar, when HTM must have hit about 100 other people with gimmicked guitars, and not one of them ever complained about neck-injuries from him using a real one.

    And Shawn DID have sex with Vince to get to the top.

    Name ONE lie he ever told.

  24. “he still made everyone he faced look good”

    Except losing to the stupidest finisher since the superkick.

  25. Goldberg wasn’t a wrestler, he was a footballer recruited by Ted Turner to be the next Hulk Hogan, and tried pushing that piece of shit on the fans by having him win every match despite having no more wrestling-skills than any other linebacker– even piping in cheers of “GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG!” like a fucking laugh-track.
    Naturally the fans weren’t as dumb as Bitchoff thought they were, and so they responded to the piped-in cheers with “Goldberg SUCKS! Goldberg SUCKS!”

    That’s why WCW foundered.

  26. Does anyone know whether the confrontation at that MMA event with Undertaker and Brock Lesnar was real or a work? I’m 99 percent sure it was a work, but it still didn’t make any sense for them to be feuding.

  27. really? im not saying you’re lying because i havent read it but when he talked about his departure from the company he praised undertaker in an interview

  28. Only guy I can think of and I’m sorry I always get these two mixed up was either Bryan Clark or Bryan Adams, one of the Kronik guys. It had to do with when they came into WWF during the Invasion angle, according to them Taker thought his shit didn’t stink and didn’t wanna give them the time of day, or some butthurt shit. There’s a video on here somewhere with one of them talking about it, the one that played Wrath I think, not the Crush one.

  29. That jumpsuit was $10,000 Jesus Christ who knew? Wonder how much the real Elvis’ cost. I would imagine more then $10,000.

  30. I think the guy your referring to is a guy named Brian Lee that is if your talking about the guy who was the other Undertaker in the Undertaker VS Undertaker match at Summerslam.

  31. They have a real life problem, Brock wanted to completely dominate Taker like he did all his opponents in 02, but Taker didn’t like that idea.

  32. Of course he didn’t like the idea. The only time anybody dominated the Undertaker was the Great Khali, and we know how that turned out. That was a moment all wrestling fans would like to forget. The Undertaker is arguably the greatest big man in wrestling history, and his legacy of over 20 years would be hurt if he got squashed by someone smaller than he is.

  33. Undertaker has also been dominated by Big Show, Kane, and even Giant Gonzales. But that was when these guys were debuting.

  34. I don’t remember the Undertaker having a PPV match with any of those wrestlers in which he was squashed and his opponent no-sold all the offensive moves.

  35. In Undertaker’s first match against Kane, Kane seemed almost impervious to everything Taker did. It took 3 tombstones to beat him. When Big Show first came to WWF, it almost seemed like Taker was afraid of him (although to be fair, Undertaker was a heel at that time). As for Gonzales, he was just a big guy who Undertaker had trouble with in their first encounter, after that, not so much. Another factor to take into account is that the Undertaker has gotten old, so he can’t move like before.

  36. Undertaker is boring. His brawl type matches with Steve Austin were great but when it comes to raw talent he was and is a bore.

  37. No, John Cena is boring. CM Punk is boring. Undertaker is a legend and one of the most entertaining wrestlers to ever walk God’s green earth.

  38. That’s Brian Clark, I heard Brian Adams (Crush) was a good friend of Taker. He’s one of the few people besides Bruce Pritchard and Paul Bearer that used to call Taker, Wendy (Wendy’s restaurant), as an inside joke. The source is a Paul Bearer shoot interview.

  39. Taker was ready to kick Michaels behind if he didn’t go through the Wrestlemania 14 match. There was talk Michaels was going to lose it a different way but Taker made sure it went the way it was planned,and didn’t leave the arena until it was over.

  40. What different way?
    Taker was just making sure Michaels didn’t pull another screwjob; if he did, then his ass would have been grass, since that pissed off every wrestler in the WWE and was the last straw; they knew he was a backstabbing sumbitch, but now they all seriously HATED him. That’s why he left and “found Jesus,” since he ran out of real friends.

  41. That’s why I thought a great finish for Taker, would be for everyone he ever beat in the streak to come back and take revenge, led by Jake Roberts.

  42. You can still win the WWF championship by beating him without the stunner. To solidify his win Austin had to win w/ the finisher like traditional WWF wrestlemania matches. The screwjob wouldn’t work since vince wanted Austin as champ, not only would taker beat up hbk but vince would as well. Again this is from other shoot interviews from talent that were there but I see your point.

  43. HBGay could have just run off and took the count-out, like he always did to screw other wrestlers out of wins.
    It would have been great to see him try doing that, and have Taker come out and chase him back to the ring.. and find out it wasn’t scripted LOL

  44. Yeah, I remember hearing about how Tatanka was to be Intercontinental Champion at WrestleMania 9 but michaels put him in a bad light w/ vince and the belt stayed with hbk. The shoot interviews are very entertaining there was even a story when the kliq was bullying Savio Vega at a parking lot until Taker, Yokozuna, and The Godfather drove up to them forcing Nash to call off the dogs.

  45. I wouldn’t put anything past Michaels, including sucking Vince’s cock… that’s why he started losing after the Screwjob when he “Found Jesus” and wouldn’t take it up the ass anymore.

  46. You say that but I have seen London and Kendrick speak ill of him in a shoot. I could have read too much into it but they talk about when Taker got caught on fire at Elimination Chamber a few years back and how when they saw it, they both laughed. This was way after the event too, so they both knew how serious it was. Unfortunately they don’t talk more about Taker to clarify it.

  47. I would’nt say laughing at something that happened to him, means they don’t like or respect him.

    What happ[ened anyway?

  48. Whoa. If even HTM puts you over as a General, you’re a General. Its nice to
    know at least one of my wrestling heroes from childhood is actually the
    real deal.

  49. he looks scared when talking about taker now i know taker was a debt
    collecter for gangsters before he was a wrastler and ive seen a shoot from
    jim about taker not untapeing his hands untill cards are played out so i
    now think taker is a bit of an enforser behind the scenes

  50. Balthazaar: If HTM is your only credible source, then yes, only the
    Undertaker is going to be considered a General……

  51. Undertaker really did do some crazy stuff for someone his size and age.
    I have mad respect for the guy as wrestler and as a person.

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