The Way Delivers — Movie Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes From the moment he finds out his son has been killed in a tragic accident in the Pyrenees while walking the Camino, to his bold decision to continue the pilgrimage in his honor, to his imminent meltdown, all the way to his epic transformation… it was like an enthralling book I just couldn’t put down.

Reading Time: 5 minutes


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“The real hero of this film is the landscape itself. The El Camino de Santiago, (or St. James Way), traverses France and northern Spain, where it ends in Galicia, at a cathedral that supposedly holds the body of the Apostle James. The journey takes us through villages, cities, rural trails, and finally, to the Atlantic Ocean itself.”


“Anyone who is tired of watching the typical Hollywood blockbuster movie should see this rare gem about the power of transformation.”


“We’re all searching for something. Faith, answers, guidance, beauty, fresh air, history. We all go on journeys.”

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