Unboxing Jason Part 4 Shower Scene Mask Crash Creations

Reading Time: < 1 minute Fully suited Jason cameo follows the unboxing. Crash Creations hockey mask.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Got my new Jason Voorhees Part 4 Shower Scene hockey mask from by buddy Crash Cunningham at Crash Creations. Made a short unboxing video showing the nifty packaging and of course, the awesome hock. Fully suited Jason cameo follows the unboxing.



7 thoughts on “Unboxing Jason Part 4 Shower Scene Mask Crash Creations”

  1. I know Crash from several years ago on some Horror forums and the man
    definitely knows his stuff! Top notch work and a helluva good guy, too!
    Mask looks amazing and the “evidence” packaging is the sweet bloody smears
    on the machete that makes it so much more perfect! Thank you for sharing
    this, Lord Kayoss!

  2. Cool video, and very nice mask. I’ve always wanted a nice Jason and
    Michael Myers mask. I’m going to get one this year before Halloween gets

    Lord Kayoss, will you do another game review. Roger Rabbit,
    Beetlejuice, or Kung Fu? Roger Rabbit and Beetlejuice are both LJN
    games. Thank you!

  3. Got my pt.3 Mask yesterday and its ridiculous how much detail crash puts
    into the mask. I would definitely recommend this mask to any horror fans
    out there, its worth every penny of the price. Thank You Crash!!! Lol

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