Best Buy – Horrible Customer Service

Reading Time: < 1 minute Best Buy has seriously gone straight down the crapper. Listen for yourself.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I called three stores (Office Depot, Staples, & Best Buy) looking for a printer recommendation and decided to share my experience with each of them. Best Buy definitely did not defy expectation. Talk about a store that has gone straight down the crapper. Take a listen and share your opinion below.



15 thoughts on “Best Buy – Horrible Customer Service”

  1. Not surprised at all. I was looking at TVs there about a year ago and asked
    the sales rep if he knew what the response time was on the model I was
    looking at it, since I didn’t notice it on the spec sheet. He said “120hz”
    -.- I told him that was the refresh rate I needed to know the response
    time. He said TV’s aren’t measured that way. Only PC monitors are. Needless
    to say I wasn’t at all impressed by the knowledge. On top of that he looked
    bothered and as if I was somehow ruining his day by asking questions.

  2. The stores are not obligated to give you free tech support, which is what
    this essentially is. When you’re in the store, it’s different because you
    might buy something.

    The people working there have more important things than to help you shop
    over the phone, like help the people that are actually in the store.

    I worked at staples for a couple of years and I could not STAND people that
    wanted to yap on the phone. Either come into the store, or call the staples
    tech support or PHONE SHOPPING number, NOT the store.

    Love your videos, but I have to disagree with you here based simply on the
    fact that what you expected was not reasonable.

    Also, the people that work there don’t memorize all of the printers, I can
    interpret what all of the specs mean and help you make a decision that way,
    but I have to walk down the aisle with you to see them, I didn’t have them

    1. Wow, where to begin…

      First off, this call was NOT a tech support call. He was asking a sales rep to recommend a product in their section. A section they are supposed to be trained to answer general questions about.

      Having been in the retail business for years, I can easily confirm that every single time that phone rings, it is very important and should not be demeaned or overlooked. When a customer calls your store they are inquiring about coming in and giving your company money. That is the number one reason we as sales associates are there. I’m not sure what kind of training and values you received from Staples, as I’ve never worked there. But, by the sound of things it wasn’t anything I’d want any of my employees thinking.

      Bottom line; the customer comes first, whether it be in person or by phone. There is never more important things to be doing as a sales associate. Nothing unreasonable about this call whatsoever, except of course the way it was handled by Best Buy’s staff. The fact that you are defending people who kept the guy on hold for 9 mins, gave him no relevant info, and ultimately hung up on him because due to their poor training had no idea what else to do is very sad indeed.

  3. C’mon man. I work retail. We can’t help you shop on the phone when we got
    customers in the store.

  4. Did you try Googling for good printers that can print onto CDs? There are
    always cheaper ones than you will find in stores.

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