Jason Voorhees Friday 8 Full Costume Unboxing

This is the unveiling of my new Jason Voorhees wardrobe from Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. It’s taken a few months to get everything put together. Major credit to Josh Ludemann from Beyond Disgusting Studios and Steve Bellamy from The Devil’s Latex.

Gonna have some fun with this one!



8,652 thoughts on “Jason Voorhees Friday 8 Full Costume Unboxing

  1. @samuel perez – I’ve always preferred the Part 4 look the most. It has a
    certain savageness about it and carries a genuine unsettling feel. “Zombie
    Jason” is fun, but more amusing than anything else, at least IMO. Thx for
    the comment and good luck on your project.

  2. I’m a huge voorhees fan myself, you could replace kane hodder in my
    opinion. he was always my favorite jason voohees actor. You nailed it in
    this video

  3. I just got a hood from the Devils latex (from part 4) and they didn’t cut
    it up the back. I noticed from the back pic you had the hood on without
    cutting it – or was this a different photo? I’m afraid of destroying the
    hood by cutting it myself – but as far as I can tell there’s no way of
    getting it on without the cut. – so if u did cut yours can u tell me how
    far up the back you went? If you didn’t cut it – can u tell me how the hell
    you got it it on? Thanks!!

  4. I tried but I couldn’t get it on without the split. It’s really kin tight –
    but hopefully the collar will hide the split

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