Jason Friday IV Hood & Hockey Mask Screen Test

Been spending the last month or so putting together an authentic Jason Voorhees costume from my favorite Friday flick, part IV (The Final Chapter). This has always been my favorite look and performance of Jason, as I believe it captures all the savagery and horror the series originally intended.

Above is a quick video where I screen-test the hood and hockey mask. Was shot with a smartphone so quality is a little shakey, but you get the idea.



13 thoughts on “Jason Friday IV Hood & Hockey Mask Screen Test

  1. Fart was funny, but fav part is the Friday score creeping in right when you show up at the door. Very Friday-esque.

  2. Steve Bellamy from thedevilslatex (dot com). Guy does great work and great
    communication on top of that. This is the Part IV Hood.

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