Awesome Deluxe Nachos Supreme Made EASY | With Chorizo

Fellow Gamers! I decided it was time to work some food back onto the channel! Once in a while I’ll get a message asking why I don’t do those silly cooking videos anymore. I backed off on them after the channel began to take shape with the focus on more of the horror cosplay and gaming, and honestly, I didn’t really think much of them and figured no one would notice if they quietly went away. For those who’ve messaged/commented here and there over the last few years, I’ve heard your requests and it’s time to head back in the kitchen, albeit with a little less camp. I’ve traded the hammy jokes for more focus on what you’re here for; #foodporn. But please, don’t make me put the apron back on! 😆

Have a look at my loaded nachos recipe. It’s easy to make and soooooooo friggin good!



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