Floyd Mayweather / Victor Ortiz Sucker Punch
Larry Merchant PUNKS Floyd Mayweather

Last night the boxing world got treated to yet another healthy dose of Floyd Mayweather.

First off, major kudos to Larry Merchant for providing us the highlight of the night by punking Mayweather out in front of the world. Nicely done and well deserved. Floyd took a giant crap right on the sport and the fans by sucker-punching Victor Ortiz, then went on an unprofessional tirade straight out of the ghetto. Wouldn’t be surprised if he and his ignorant cronies broke into Merchant’s car and stole his stereo before heading to the hotel, just to put an exclamation point on the disgrace they left in the ring.

I’m sure the few Floyd supporters that are left out there will defend his actions by saying Ortiz shouldn’t have headbutted him. And, you are correct. He shouldn’t have. But, as everyone is fully aware, the referee issues the penalties, not the fighter. Ortiz had a point taken away which was justified since the butt was clearly intentional. And you can hear Joe Cortez say “let’s go” to the fighters before he looks at the timekeeper. So, technically Mayweather was totally justified in continuing to fight at that point. But, the decision to do so when the opponent isn’t fully aware the ref’s timeout is over was cowardly and nothing short of bad sportsmanship. Floyd saw his opportunity to escape from the fight and he took it, all the while ripping off everyone in the building and the fans who bought the PPV at home.

Incidents like this is exactly what turns people away from boxing. Fans who wanted to see this fight were charged $60 for the pay per view, only to have Floyd Mayweather spit right in their faces, then listen as he actually had the gall to say “thank you” for buying the show. Mayweather is a disgrace to the sport and should not be allowed to fight on PPV again until he finally agrees to fight Manny Pacquiao, period. And should he decide to give Ortiz a rematch (which I tend to doubt will happen) it should be free.

I cannot wait to see Manny rip this fraud to shreds.



7 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather / Victor Ortiz Sucker Punch
Larry Merchant PUNKS Floyd Mayweather

  1. Merchant is the man. Mayweather is a joke to the sport of boxing. This is what is killing the sport. Good job Mayweather, game well played.

  2. floyd …well he is a chump who only fights legends in the ring after their prime…he will fight pac man…after he isnt enough to beat him

  3. I saw this fight & was appalled. I stopped looking at boxing after the great Muhammad Ali (the great one for my time). Although only 52 years old, I still occassionaly enjoy boxing. But what Mayweather did was a cheap shot I know that you are not to drop your guard at any time but when someone is truely apologizing, really? It was just , well….. very I can’t even explain it. Everyone knows how I feel then to disrespect Larry Merchant like that? So the saying goes for “younger” people. Besides, Ortiz was kicking that butt & the only way he was gonna win was that cheap blow!

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