LK’s Horror Review – HATCHET II

Reading Time: < 1 minute LK breaks down HATCHET II in the all-new Horror Review show.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Adam Green’s HATCHET II sliced and diced it’s way right out of theaters it’s opening weekend because of intense violence and over-the-top gore. Now, HATCHET II comes to Blu-ray and DVD and I gladly cover every golden hack of this slasher masterpiece. Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley in this second outing is indeed something to behold.



18 thoughts on “LK’s Horror Review – HATCHET II”

  1. now thats what I’m talkin about. hatchet 2 is a marvelous entry in the horror genre, and this review sums it up about as well as it can be done. love the intro too!

  2. Damn, LK. I was wondering what you were working on. I have yet to see H2, but I’m def gonna pick it up soon. Great review.

  3. I’ve read your commentaries on Card Chronicle, but I never knew you did videography. Wow man, I thought AnVillen made great videos. Your stuff is amazing. I’d love to see you make a Cards highlight vid.

  4. i was fortunate enough to see it before it left theaters. the audience reactions to the kills was priceless. sucked to see it get booted out while a movie like saw 3d had a good run. booooo!

  5. Good shit, LK. I’m tellin’ ya, you oughta be working in Hollywood. Your editing skills never cease to blow me away. I try to turn out work like that, but I just don’t have the eye. You do, my friend. Great work.

  6. I just watched this movie the other day and I must agree with this review. This was one gory, nasty slasher flick. Something right out of the 1980’s, only with 10x the carnage. Kane Hodder is the man!

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