Sims 4 Mod – Texas Chain Saw Massacre With Classic Sims TV Audio

Reading Time: 3 minutes Classic Horror TV from the original Sims game is back with this Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie mod for Sims 4! Free download!

Reading Time: 3 minutes



For you old school Sims fans, here’s a mod for Sims 4 using classic audio from the original game released in 2000. Remember those cheesy yet bizarrely hilarious sounds you’d hear when one of your Sims would turn the TV on? They had a certain generic charm to them in spite of being ridiculously over-the-top and cartoony. Several of them were permanently burned into my memory and have lingered about in my subconscious for the better part of 20+ years, especially the ones from the horror channel. I made a little movie mod for The Sims 4 that appropriately replaces “Moonlight Massacre III” and instead treats your Sims to visuals from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre whilst endearing your ears to the sweet sounds of hokey Sims nostalgia. I also stupidly threw in a custom “commercial” that airs about midway through and uses that classic audio as well, if for no other reason than this is what I spend my free time doing when I’m supposed to be taking a break from production.
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