13 thoughts on “How to Make AWESOME Turkey Burritos (Healthy)

  1. Now I’m hungry and dinner is not for a few hrs. Those look good man. Never
    tried ground turkey, but I have an Old El Paso Burrito kit in my cupboard
    for about a month and half, because it doesn’t make any sense to me. It
    says “burrito kit”, but it’s basically a taco kit. Identical. So, I figure
    “I’m not making tacos out of this Burrito Kit, I’m the furthest thing from
    Mexican or even American Mexicana, but that’s not a burito…” I don’t even
    know what the hell a burito is technically. From what I gather, it can
    contain almost anything, as long as they work together. I bought a box Old
    El Paso Rice, but I personally don’t do beef and rice together. Poultry and
    rice work for me, so I grabbed extra lean ground turkey, I grabbed Old
    Elpaso Nacho cheese mix (Powder. Never tried it) and there’s burito sauce
    in the box. That’s what I’m doing tonight.

  2. Loved the vid, though of course in 2015 we realise that it isn’t fat that
    makes you fat!
    Looked and sounded super tasty!!

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