How to Make AWESOME Cajun Pork Chops (Healthy)

Cooking With LK returns with my Cajun Pork Chop recipe! During my wedding weight-loss training, this was one of the main meals I ate. Lost 28 pounds in under two months. It’s delicious, healthy, and easy to make.

Fire up the stove and get’cha skillet on!



17 thoughts on “How to Make AWESOME Cajun Pork Chops (Healthy)

  1. First of all there is not one thing I seen that was healthy. The canned
    veggies contain salt and preservatives and by cooking them for the time you
    did, you lost all the nutrition value of the veggies and the vitamins are
    diminished pretty much completely. You use cooking spray as if it’s a
    healthy commodity. So in a nut shell you made a bunch of cooked canned bulk
    and the unhealthiest cut of meat. Bravo!!!!!

  2. Why don’t you use fresh veggies instead all cans ,you don’t need them to
    cook just seasoned them and olive oil leave it in the oven ,they are more
    tasty and healthy than from cans if you really care about health and wight

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