Michael Myers Halloween 2 JC NAG 75K Full Costume Unboxing

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here’s a look at my brand new James Carter JC NAG 75K H2-style Michael Myers mask! Pics and video!

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The Fall season is finally here! Lots happening this year with the new Halloween movie about to smash the box office. Getting in the spirit, here’s a look at my brand new James Carter JC NAG 75K H2-style Michael Myers mask! Video contains unboxing/review and full costume worn showcase with high-quality images and a short fan film. Happy haunting!


00:01 – Mask Overview
00:40 – Black T-Shirt
01:08 – Coveralls
02:57 – Boots
03:48 – Knife
04:12 – Scalpel
05:17 – Mask Unboxing
08:46 – Thoughts on James Carter
09:26 – Costume Worn Video 1
10:22 – Mask/Costume Pics 1
11:03 – Costume Worn Video 2
11:24 – Mask/Costume Pics 2
11:55 – Costume Worn Video 3
12:29 – Mask/Costume Pics 3
13:44 – Costume Worn Video 4
15:46 – A Special Thank You

James Carter JC NAG 98 Proto Michael Myers Mask For Sale!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Unbeatable Michael Myers mask! An H1 DREAM!

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Up for grabs is the highly sought-after NAG 98 Proto, fully converted and finished by the master himself, Mr. JC, James Carter. The “98 Proto” is an unaltered casting of the 1998 Don Post Shatner proto, which in itself is a 3D-scanned replica of the original ’75 Kirk used to make the ’78 Michael Myers mask for the original Halloween. Confused yet? Quick summation is it makes for a nearly unbeatable Michael Myers mask when properly converted, which is exactly what James Carter does (in his sleep). This mask was tailored exactly to my specifications by JC; done up in the classic H1 style with grimey weathering. It’s an H1 DREAM! I’m selling only because my noggin measures 23½ inches around the crown, which is exactly the size of the Proto so it makes for a snug fit. When you’re trying to recreate that classic Myers look of the original film you need a little bit of room in your mask to apply what’s known as the Castle stretch, which is essentially simply opening your mouth so that your jaw drops ever-so-slightly to mimic the vertical shape of Nick Castle’s head. Hard for me to do in this mask, though as you can see from my worn shot above, even with the snug fit the mask STILL pulls off the essence of ’78. Pretty impressive especially when considering no other mask I’ve tried on at that size has yielded the same results, including the Night Owl Shat/Creep.

If you’re more of a display collector you cannot go wrong with this piece no matter your situation. Per the pics above, it absolutely kills it. If you prefer to wear your mask, any head measuring less than 23½ inches around is going to put you in the conversation for screen-accuracy.

This is a grail piece. If you’re interested and have the funds, don’t hesitate. Someone will snatch it up. I’m posting it here first to avoid spiking the price on eBay to cover the ridiculous fees. There is an extra $48.09 tagged on to cover PayPal fees but can be avoided if you’d like to do a private transaction. Email me for details; lordkayoss@gmail.com

*FREE SHIPPING in the United States. International buyers must contact me to make shipping arrangements. Insurance is optional and must be requested and paid by buyer prior to shipping.

*PRICE BREAKDOWN – For those not active in the independent Myers mask trade, you might wonder why the asking price for this piece seems high. Here’s a quick rundown: the price of the blank 98 Proto and conversion/finishing job by JC was right around $600 invested. Now, the killer…. JC’s current wait time to have a mask converted/finished is right around 3½ years, which drives the value of these gems up exponentially. I joined his queue in the Fall of 2014, and my spots with him came up in early 2018. You are jumping the line completely by purchasing second-hand.

This piece was commissioned by JC in April 2018, and is like new. I am the only owner. Condition is mint and the inside of the mask has been powdered to fully preserve the latex. Mask is resting in thin plastic while stuffed with plastic-sealed cotton to fully preserve it’s shape. I guarantee it’s full quality and condition. Lastly, as mentioned above, if you wish to save $48.09, a private PayPal transaction is also an option. Contact me for details.

If you have any other questions, please email me directly at lordkayoss@gmail.com

Thanks for looking and happy haunting!