Hi-Def NES for Sale

Get it while you can!


Up for grabs is the super rare and highly sought-after Hi-Def NES by Kevtris.

This NES top-loader, fully pre-modded with the Hi-Def kit by Jason Rauch of game-tech.us, comes with a power cord and pre-cut HDMI cable (pictured above). Play all your favorite NES games in beautiful native 1080p resolution, complete with customizable firmware with a plethora of audio/video options to suit your specific taste. Console is in terrific condition.

This is my personal unit, as seen in this unboxing/review:

The Hi-Def NES kit adds MANY features, this is not a complete list:

  • Fully digital video generated with zero lag – no frame buffer.
  • 3 output resolutions: 480p, 720p, or 1080p.
  • HQX 2,3,and4 scaling filters, simple 2x and 3x scaling, and an x-ray mode.
  • Multiple selectable color palettes and a black and white option.
  • Adjustable horizontal stretch for different aspect ratios.
  • Adjustable top, bottom, left, and right edge cropping.
  • Adjustable horizontal position.
  • Fully digital generated audio including all expansion audio chips, no ADC.
  • Adjustable Stereo panning and volume level for each audio source.
  • Audio register viewer.
  • Multiple scanline options.
  • Menu access via controller (select + left).
  • Hotkeys for long and short resets.
  • Hotkeys for overclocking with audio pitch fix option.
  • User definable hot key combinations for each option.
  • Console is fully powered by the Hi-Def NES kit with a cleaner more efficient supply circuit, still works with original ac adapter and similar universal supplies.
  • Future firmware updates can be done by owner with a flashcart.

Not to be confused with the NES Classic. This is much better, quite frankly, and isn’t limited to 30 games.

*FREE SHIPPING in the United States. International buyers must contact me to make shipping arrangements. Insurance is optional and must be requested and paid by buyer prior to shipping.

If you have any questions, please email me directly at lordkayoss@gmail.com

Thanks for looking and happy gaming!

WWE 2K17 vs Old WWF Games

Video games sure have come a long way. As a 30-something-year-old life-long gamer, it’s amazing to sit and observe where technology is, and more importantly, where it came from.

Video games sure have come a long way. As a 30-something-year-old life-long gamer, it’s amazing to sit and observe where technology is, and more importantly, where it came from. Just one instance is the evolution of WWF/WWE video games. Here’s a look at the 30-year history, culminating with the newest entry in the series, WWE 2K17.

Elvira Scared Stiff Pinball Arcade

I think I banged her too hard. The machine broke!

Happy Halloween season! October is here which means Fall is in full swing! Kicking off the most wonderful time of the year with some Elvira Scared Stiff pinball via The Pinball Arcade!

Hope you all are having a kick ass October!

How to Get Quiet Back

Easy how-to guide to get Quiet back in MGSV.

Recently I had an itch to pop in one of my favorite games from last year, Metal Gear Solid V, after quitting it cold turkey months (and months) ago after Quiet’s exit and realizing the game had no proper ending. Ironically, I stopped playing right around the time Konami released an update that enables you to put Quiet back in the game. Though this comes as old news to most Solid fans, if you’re like me and just recently discovered this little easter egg you might be looking for an easy step-by-step to get our favorite jiggly-boobed sniper back in the fight.

Rampage Godzilla ’54 Style

Old school Rampage set to the theme of old school GODZILLA!

I was trying out my new Logitech gamepad earlier and Rampage was the game I chose for a test run. While wreaking havoc with my favorite character, Lizzie, I couldn’t help but think of another giant lizard who goes by the name of Godzilla (Gojira). Afterall, it’s pretty obvious Lizzie IS Big G, or at least was the direct source of inspiration. I used to spend handfuls of change on this game at the arcade back in the 80’s and would pretend I was controlling Godzilla while smashing town after town. Remembering those days, I thought it’d be funny to take that mental visual to another level and insert some classic Godzilla sounds and music from the 1954 original into the gameplay.