Godzilla PS4
Playthrough With Commentary

The old school Godzilla fanboy in me came out for this playthrough of the new game for PS4. Various topics about the game are covered as well as miscellaneous tidbits about the movie franchise. Nostalgic elements.



3 thoughts on “Godzilla PS4
Playthrough With Commentary

  1. Fun video. I love Godzilla! There is a good chance my first word may have
    been Godzilla! I’m totally with you on Godzilla 85: I became a fan through
    the Hanna Barbara cartoon (I was five, leave me alone) and later discovered
    the movies through the orange Creastwood books (the ones James Rolfe talked
    about) in Elementary School. But 85 was the first time I actually got to
    see one of the movies (and I’m sure it was fun for the people in the
    theater to hear child-me having a fangasm, LOL) So it definitely holds a
    specially place in my heart. Then later we got cable, and I caught a lot of
    the movies on (you guessed it) Super Scary Saturday. So this video brought
    back some good memories for me.

    Thanks man.

  2. Hey im new to your Chanel i just wanted to asked since i se alot of jason
    stuff on your Chanel are you aware of the new game until dawn where think
    heavy rain and the Walking edad meet slasher movies

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