LK’s HTC Droid Incredible E-bay Sale! *SOLD*

After upgrading to the HTC Thunderbolt, the Droid Incredible is officially for sale on ebay. I left the root and s-off intact, wiped the hard drive, installed SkyRaider 4.2, and formatted and loaded the included 4GB SD card with a few things (SkyRaider 4.2 backup file, multi-touch keyboard, and Evo cam). This is being sold as a nice bundle — complete with phone, HTC silicone soft case, Steinheil screen protector, 4GB SD card w/transflash adaptor, battery, extended battery (1800mah), and home charger. The screen is crystal clear without one blemish anywhere on it.

This is a damn fine smartphone loaded with extra goodies that expand the phone’s capabilities way beyond it’s original OTA limitations. Perfect for anyone looking for a multi-tasking device armed with FREE WiFi Tethering right out of the box.

You can get after it here: LK’s HTC Droid Incredible – SOLD!!!

UPDATE – 10:00pm
Item has sold! Thanks Guys!




5 thoughts on “LK’s HTC Droid Incredible E-bay Sale! *SOLD*

  1. it freezes for me every once in a while then raomldny restarts does send text but all the games are boring except teeter is pretty interesting :] not the best smart phone ever tho and it also calls the same person twice :/ it calls even when im talking to that specific person D: but yea pretty crappy fone at times :/

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