Suicide Solution — Therapy for Depression and Feeling Better

Reading Time: 8 minutes FACT: You’re the only one that knows how you’re truly feeling. It is this undeniable logic that shapes my belief that you are also the only one who can do something about it. I found that spending less time trying to get everyone else to understand how I’m feeling and spending a lot more time trying to find a resolution is the better way to attack the problem.

Reading Time: 8 minutes


Put the gun down.

Seriously — take a deep breath, relax a second, and think about it…

Recently, I noticed some pretty grim status updates on Facebook from an old acquaintance of mine. Now, I’m no stranger to talk of being “done with it all” and “sick to death of life”. I read this stuff seemingly every day from one person or another. The wonderful world of social networking has granted us all the opportunity to take the most morbid thoughts of our darkest hours and throw them right out in public for all eyes to see. Hence, I normally don’t pay any heed to such things as it’s become pretty common in our society. But, one string of status quotes in particular got my attention a few nights ago from said Facebooker.

It started with:

“I hope this all works out as planned”


“Leaving my old life behind and all the bad memories with it…”


“Ive never felt so ready to be done with all this”

then finally, the one that really raised a brow:

“Elysian fields ill see you soon….god forgive me..”

Something seemed different to me. I didn’t interpret this as the usual attention-starved jargon, desperately screaming for some daytime drama. This clearly sounded like the guy was planning to kill himself. Being a person who has danced with the devil and fought that urge my whole life, I couldn’t just “walk on by” and assume this was just another example of the aforementioned drama-invite and say nothing. I wrote the guy a pretty in-depth piece of my perspective of life and the things that cause these feelings of black and nothingness. I’ll share these thoughts with you below, in hopes that someone out there who is going through something similar may find some sort of comfort or inspiration:
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