Countdown to Autumn Equinox 2023

Reading Time: 2 minutes Counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the Autumnal Equinox of 2023.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Sep 23, 2023 2:49 AM (EST)

Nearly three weeks away from the official start of summer, and it’s already 92° in Louisville, KY, with Farmer’s Almanac predicting “oppressive, showery, thundery” summer. I almost got a tad excited when I imagined thunderstorms cooling things off a bit, but not so fast…. the prediction goes on to say that despite above-average rainfall, overall temperatures and heat index “will seem unrelenting.” Great….. and can’t say I’m surprised. Every year seems to be a stark reminder that the cushy summer of 2009 I touched on in last year’s Countdown is merely a distant memory that isn’t likely to repeat itself any time soon. Fine. Be that way. Maybe I should move to Oregon. It’s one of the only places on the U.S. map listed as average temperatures in the long-range summer forecast.

Picturing my commute there literally looking something like this…

My A/C machine has been serviced and is ready for another round in the proverbial trenches, with my backup unit still in the box, unopened, resting comfortably in the basement should its services be needed. 111 days as of post time. Thinking of having some t-shirts made. Hmm… what do you think? 🤔



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