Countdown to Autumn Equinox 2021

UPDATE 9.22.2021 — HAPPY AUTUMN!!!!!

9.22.21 – 3:20pm EDT

Misery Mire. That was the first two words that came to mind as I sit here on a 100Β° day in June. June 13, mind you. It isn’t officially even summer yet. One more week before those festivities begin. It was by total happenstance I started my annual Countdown to Autumn Equinox with exactly 100 days remaining till that wonderful event.

I’m not sure why Misery Mire exactly. I had to look it up to make sure I was remembering it correctly. It’s a Dark World dungeon in (my opinion) the best Legend of Zelda game ever made; A Link to the Past. I suppose since the Mire is located in a swamp-like area, and swamps are often riddled with high temps/humidity, my psyche made an instant connection when experiencing the climate conditions on this nasty, hazy pre-summer day.

Anyway, you know the drill. The Countdown is on. There’s x amount of days till the Equinox sets us Fall-lovers free. Till then… may your summer days be short, merciful, and mostly spent relaxing in the confines of A/C goodness. I know I’ll be! 🥶😁



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