Countdown to Autumn Equinox 2019

9.23.19 – 3:50am EDT

UPDATE!!!! 9.24.2019

The countdown is over! Fall is here!!! Happy Autumn, everyone!!!!

…anniversaries. They’re usually about nice things. Celebratory occasions that evoke jubilance as in many cases they remind us of a milestone in our stories that was life-changing, triumphant, or just happy in general. This one, however, not so much. My little annual countdown to the autumnal equinox serves to remind me we’re only at the beginning of a long journey. I post it each year right around when Spring is in full-bloom.

Not sure how the season is where you live, but here in the Ohio Valley, it’s a short post-Winter stint of mild temperatures bringing a nice little reprieve from the high energy costs after months of your furnace driving your electric bill through the roof. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t take long for the temps to start rising and figuratively start the sweltering Summer stretch a full month early at times. Between all the rain and fluctuating post-Winter temps, there just isn’t much time to enjoy what a lot of people consider to be the best season of the year. In many cases, Summer temps hit in late April or early May and with them comes the hazy humidity and congestion-inducing allergens which quickly lead to people like me fleeing indoors to find refuge in the A/C.

It’s an annual retreat from the elements that sucks, as I like being outside. I enjoy hiking into the woods and escaping civilization. I like taking nature photos, immersed in the peace and quiet of the wilderness. Just me, my pack, and my camera strolling around — framing art and easing the stress of everyday living.

…I’d just rather do it when it’s not 90° outside.

Hey Autumn, I’m lookin’ at you!



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