James Carter Night Owl Shat Michael Myers Mask For Sale!

Reading Time: 2 minutes New mask has been posted for sale!

Reading Time: 2 minutes


UPDATE! September 2018;

JC/NAG 98 Proto

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking if I have any other Myers masks available. A new one has been posted, and you can view it here, or click the image above.

Up for grabs is the infamous NightOwl Shat, fully converted and finished by the master himself, Mr. JC, James Carter. The “Shat” is a replica of the original Don Post Captain Kirk mask that was used to create the legendary ghostly face of one Michael Myers we all had nightmares about after viewing the original 1978 classic, Halloween. This “blank” mask, as it’s often referred to, was sent to indy ace James Carter for conversion and finishing. James follows an extremely similar process as Tommy Lee Wallace performed on the original Kirk conversion in ’78. He expertly cuts the eyes and masterfully applies the paint to make it the viscerally ghoulish specter before adding the same type of hair found on the original Don Post masks of the 70’s.

Essentially, the JC Shat is one of the most accurate replicas of the original hero you can own. And here it is, without James’ current 3½ year wait!

*FREE SHIPPING in the United States. International buyers must contact me to make shipping arrangements. Insurance is optional and must be requested and paid by buyer prior to shipping.

*PRICE BREAKDOWN – For those not active in the independent Myers mask trade, you might wonder why the asking price for this piece seems high. Here’s a quick rundown: the blank Shat was purchased at a price point of $300. The conversion/finishing job by JC was $230. JC’s current wait time to have a mask converted/finished is right around 3½ years.

This piece was commissioned by JC in December 2017, and is brand new. I am the only owner. Condition is mint and the inside of the mask has been powdered to fully preserve the latex. Mask is resting in thin plastic while stuffed with plastic-sealed cotton to fully preserve it’s shape. I guarantee it’s full quality and condition. Lastly, if you wish to save $30.18, a private PayPal transaction is also an option. Contact me for details.

If you have any other questions, please email me directly at lordkayoss@gmail.com

Thanks for looking and happy haunting!



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