Friday the 13th (NES) Playthrough With Commentary

Reading Time: < 1 minute In this brand new Friday the 13th walkthrough with live commentary, I will show you how to easily conquer Jason’s reign of terror at Crystal Lake. This video is also a sequel to the events that took place in the original Friday the 13th RIR film from 2008.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Got a special request to do this video after The Karate Kid playthrough went up last week. In this brand new Friday the 13th walkthrough with live commentary, I will show you how to easily conquer Jason’s reign of terror at Crystal Lake. This video is also a sequel to the events that took place in the original Friday the 13th RIR film from 2008.



13,912 thoughts on “Friday the 13th (NES) Playthrough With Commentary”

  1. Respectfully, I disagree on one thing; LJN could have done so much better with some of the many video game licences they procured for the movie games. there were some good efforts but their quality control and testing left much to be desired. Gotta say thank you for letting us know the fine details of the playthrough and how to get through some of the more tricky scenarios on this! p.s. E-C-F’N-W Forever!!!!!

  2. LK thanks for doing the game. The thing that you said about the end screen was so true. The first time that I beat this game I stared at that screen and I was breathing hard and sweating (Stupid NES fever.) But have to ask who requested the game πŸ˜‰ P.S Jaws or nightmare pick your posion

  3. nice going LK. loved the playthrough. i totally agree. ljn did get alot of shit back in the day for their movie based games. alot of their games were hit and miss. i hope you do more playthroughs. i hope you put out more “shoot of the week” episodes. those were awesome. keep up the great work dude πŸ™‚

  4. I always support a channel that has good content and you just keep pumping it out hope to see you grow more and more you deserve it big time man.

  5. Could you please do a walkthrough ( with commentary) of A nightmare on elm street? I always get stuck in the high school. There is a jump I can’t make because I eather loose all my continues or get frustrated and quit the game. It would help a lot. Thank you!

  6. Oh, so it has to be one of the female characters that wears the sweater in order to make it work. The explanation helps greatly. I thought, all this time, that it was a typo, since Mark in the sweater did nothing. Thanks!

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  8. U know i used to play this renting from BLOCK BUSTER VIDEO but can never find my damn way out of this game and got killed by JASON. WTF and was only 8yrs old. pff

  9. This game was rated one of the top ten worst of all time. I am 27 now and will admit I sucked at it when I was a kid but have gotten a lot better at it these days. I stll however have not beaten it nor looked at a guide to learn how to beat it but I will say this, after all these years jason still startles me when I know hes coming. This game in my mind is one of best nes games to date. The music is great graphics are ok and the level of difficulty is what makes this a rather enjoyable game.

  10. Wow that was the wierdest thing ever as soon as you said jason pops in to scare the kids in part 6 i was watching the movie and that was the scene that just happened…Creepy….I was wondering if the game was based off of part 6 thats why i was online doing research

  11. Thank you very much! Definitely enjoyed this video. As a kid like you said, I couldn’t figure it out. I’ve always wanted to know how to beat the game. Thanks!

  12. Just stumbled across this game on the internet and I was glad to find your playthrough of it, nice job πŸ™‚

  13. I’ve been playing this for about 27 years and have never beat this game. I still own and still play it every once in awhile. (I dont know if i’ll ever play it again now because i kinda feel like you just beat it for me.) Great job on the video. I never sit through any of these but yours was good. Thanks for the upload.

  14. Great vid bro. Played this as a kid and took me forever to beat it.
    Watching you play it with the commentary was a treat. Great ending too πŸ™‚

  15. Real solid how u still have an NES system bro! You should do some Sega
    genesis reviews if you have one… I still play my Sega from time to time

  16. Great job man. No matter what people say, and all that stuff about this
    game been one of the worst games of all time. This is one of my all time
    favorite Nintendo games. I bought Friday the 13th and Ninja Gaiden 1, the
    same day, and they were the first games that I have ever bought in my life.
    I bought the games in 1989 and I still have the game 24 years later. I
    actually also did my own play though of this game. I added a bunch of
    special effects throughout the game,like rain, snow and others. If you like
    to check my playthrough of Friday the 13th, Head over to my channel and
    check it out. Thanks

  17. When I first played this I thought it sucked but after having explained how
    to play it its actually a really original and interesting game.

  18. this was a great video thanks for uploading sir! im going to buy this game
    i always loved this game as a kid. But i never got anywhere.

  19. There was none of the famous breathing music from the Friday the 13th
    movies…and why didn’t anyone SCREAM in this game?

  20. Played this a little when it came out, looks like fun looking back on it,
    I’d enjoy it more if playing as Jason were possible, he wasn’t a bad guy,
    the ones he went after were the ones that were no good really.

  21. LOL…i used to run out of the room or cover my eyes when that mask
    appeared at the beginning…used to terrify me…could never complete the

  22. “He’s had his Rockstar energy drink” Lmao. I really sucked at this game
    when I was a kid, don’t think I ever beat it although I did own it.

    Entertaining, intelligent references on the commentary btw. I enjoyed the

  23. I was at work today and wanted to play this classic game, but alas, cannot
    game at work… ironically I CAN sit on my computer all day. Needless to
    say I watched this.

  24. Man, where can I find the game to download? I’ve been searching on net but,
    I just can’t find it, please help me!

  25. I’ve never seen your videos before, but I subbed strictly based off of your
    outro and the My Pet Monster in the background. AWESOME JOB!

  26. Thanks for posting this! I know this game has gotten knocked quite a bit,
    but I agree with you. This game was actually quite fun.

  27. I always panicked when I was low on health. probably due to the friggin
    lake where you can’t avoid anything.

  28. I always panicked when I was low on health. probably due to the friggin
    lake where you can’t avoid anything.

  29. A few LJN games are truly as bad as people act though, try X-Men (The 1st,
    not the Wolverine one)

  30. items like the knife, key and vitamins are found by jumping and are always
    in the same place. they will reappear for a few screens but are basically
    found in the same place… machete appears after killing 60 zombies. I love
    this game

  31. I used to have such a hard time figuring out where to go and what to do.
    This guy made everything look so easy.

  32. That note in the cabin (when you’re talking about Corey Feldmen) .. doesn’t
    always show up.. very odd.

  33. Yeah,, I only see that note 1 time out of 10 .. the “other” way seems to
    work better (when you actually go into the woods)

  34. This game here in Italy reached the value of 150 euros … I’m a huge fan
    of F13th and Slasher movies in general, I grown up with them and nowadays
    it is one of the main reasons why I learned english (here we got a 5% of
    that kind of movies distribution) Personally I’ve played this game on a
    emulator and it’s very hard but I like it

  35. Use the torch to light the fireplaces was probably one of those things that
    was lost in translation. Several countries, even English speaking ones,
    refer to a lighter as a torch, so this is probably what they were

  36. Great videos! LJN games really do get alot of shit,awesome job of bringing
    them into the plus side. Would love to see a Nightmare on Elm St. Thanks

  37. jumping around causes items like the small knife, red juice (extra health)
    and the key. Killing 2-5 zombies with rocks will give you the lighter and
    killing a lot of zombies will give you the machete. so will killing Jason’s
    mothers severed head in the cave on day 1.

  38. This video fulfills a desire ignited long ago to see how to beat this game,
    so thank you for satisfying an old curiosity.

  39. This game use to scare the crap out of me as a kid. I don’t know why this
    game has such flack on it? Probably cause people take reviews to seriously
    and are just looking for something to hate. Kind of a mongoloid version of
    follow the leader.

  40. Wow, I’ve never seen the Pitchfork in this game. That’s cool as Hell. Great
    playthrough dude, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  41. This is such a fun and unique game, especially for its time.
    And with the music and concept (madman murdering kids in a secluded camp)
    it was scary as shit as a kid.
    And are the fat/slower councilors stronger? Or just need fat camp….

    Oh, and do a video on Clocktower for SNES.

  42. Great video, fun commentary, and excellent tactics. I’ve loved this game
    years, but always understood the bad rap it got, because as a kid in 1989,
    this thing was hard as hell. Tackling it as an adult is much more
    enjoyable. Love to see this remade to expand on some of the concepts
    (lighting the fireplaces in the cabins, etc…). Thanks for posting this.

  43. awesome brother. one of my favorite games as a kid. ( i ran from the room
    when my dad played it because of the music.) i like that youre a fan of
    the series too. thanks for the vid man. this game is deep. i can only
    hope for a remake or update. i’d kickstart that shit

  44. Great video. I got this the weekend it came out and beat it within the
    first few weeks of owning it. I haven’t beaten since though.

  45. I was never able to figure this game out as a kid. I always just wandered
    around aimlessly. It’s cool to see a playthrough of it to see how it’s
    supposed to be. I don’t know why I never thought about looking for an
    actual playthrough of it before now.

  46. Great video man! Enjoyed the commentary as well. Also the end skit when
    you played some Beavis & Butthead. Hey!! Maybe that is a game playthrough
    you could do? Beavis and Butthead for SNES when their whole goal was to
    see GWAR live! That would kick ass!

  47. Nice super job. Now that’s what I call true gaming. All original and no
    shortcuts. I’m requesting that you do Nightmare on Elm Street NES

  48. What people don’t seem to get the concept of, is that LJN is a publisher,
    and not a video game company! This game was developed by Japanese video
    game developer Pack-In-Video for the Famicom, and Nintendo Entertainment

  49. awesome play through man. i love this game but never had the right strategy
    to beat it. i didnt realize the torch was so easy to get

  50. finally beat this game for the first time just tonight. i took your advice
    and stared at the final screen for about 30 minutes. very rewarding, jason
    is one tough son of a bitch on that third day and your walkthrough helped
    immensely. cheers man, thank you!

  51. man, you long the game, let killed by jason, only leave one character
    live, and you fight with jason, and jasson dont flee for fight.

  52. Great video, Exactly what I was looking for, found your video on my first
    click. A friend of mine had this game growing up. I got over to his house
    every chance i could to play the game though i was never able to beat it. I
    got the game later on and also never finished it. I want to go find the rom
    and give it a go again. thanks man.

  53. Jumping around helps spawn items in my experience with this game. Forrest
    and cave spawn medicine more often.

  54. Now THIS is video commentary done right! It’s very informative and helpful
    for those interested in beating the game. Too many other “commentaries” out
    there are nothing but 7th grade humor from high school kids who all think
    they’re the world’s greatest standup comedians and in love with the sound
    of their own voice.

    Excellent vid and I look forward to more!

  55. Like you said, a lot of people didn’t like this game because it was
    difficult to figure out for a kid. I never did complete it but I had a lot
    of fun trying. Always been one of my favorites

  56. I kind of wish they remade this game for the 3DS or something. It gets a
    lot of hate but it’s actually a great concept and paved the way for other
    survival horror games.

  57. LJN made ‘Maximum Carnage’ for the SNES, and that’s a decent beat em’ up.
    But, ‘Jaws’ sucks.
    Can’t play LJN games without an instruction booklet. You’d never figure
    them out. I never knew that it was Jason’s cabin in the woods, or that you
    had to light all the fire places to get the flashlight, or how to get the
    pitchfork from The floating head. Too cryptic.

  58. Watched this video and I like the way you’re so calm and collective when
    you play. Definitely subscribed.

  59. On most commented gameplays we have some moron acting like a retard trying
    to be funny but it’s just annoying. This one is cool and interesting,

  60. When i was a kid i was too scared to play this game. I played it at night!
    Never beat it πŸ™

  61. This game was so hard. But i was so young when I played. when jason would
    come i’d get scared and sort of just give up heh.

  62. Loved it! Game brings back memories. Your commentary was good. The gameplay
    made me nervous at times. It’s that whole “backseat driver” thing. I’m
    curious as to how you recorded the video from console? I thought at first
    that maybe you were using an emulator and recording the audio from PC mic,
    but I saw in the end blooper real (which was funny btw) that you have the
    actual console.

  63. Brings back great memories. Late 80s. Friday and Saturday nights. Playing
    this and watching the movies. Thankyou for posting. Seems like its so easy.
    But 9-10 years old. ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE LOL. Thanks again.

  64. I was searching for the movie, but stumbled across this. I have never had
    a game console (I know…I was deprived as a child). Anyway, enough about
    my lame childhood. This is such an awesome commentary. Very informative,
    and I love your deadpan humor. “Where’s Paul?” had me cracking up!

  65. Thanks for this. Always wondered how the game ended. I always died. lol I
    could beat Nightmare on Elm Street, but Jason always some how managed to
    hand me my ass every single time. lmao

  66. This is the best commentary paired with a game walk through I’ve ever
    watched. Love it. Thanks for taking me back to the past!

  67. How do I get to play this, I have a wii. I don’t know how to do roms so if
    I need that then I need a human guide.

  68. Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this man. I was 6 when this game came out
    and it required more strategy and precision than I was capable of at the
    time. Of course it scared me a bit too. I never beat it and seeing this
    walk through made the kid in me pump his fist in the air! Awesome job.

  69. this have a terrible bug, if you kill jason on the fields and you go away
    of the place where the combat has placed jason gets invincible

  70. yooo dude why wouldn’t you fight Jason’s Mother on the third day with
    whoever has the sweater? You can easily take her with an axe if you do.
    Then you don’t have to waste the torch.

    Then you have this whirlwind of destruction that can just chase down Jason
    and slaughter him effotlessly

  71. I never could figure out this game when I was a kid. Thanks for the play in
    the game all the way through to the end. Loved your ending!

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